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  1. Well, I never was contacted or given instructions on how to give feedback. Anyway, I'm back to the public release version. I'll let other struggle through beta testing.
  2. Is there a discussion forum/thread that is specific to the Windows Experimental Preview?
  3. +1 for either (1) being able to associate multiple addresses with an EV account and be able to select the "from" address when sharing by e-mail, OR (2) being able to use my default mail client instead of EV's servers.
  4. I would also like to request the ability to associate multiple accounts with a single Evernote account. As I increasingly use Evernote to take and share screenshots, I find it frustrating when for some situations, I have to copy the image out of Evernote and paste into the e-mail rather than just send from Evernote.
  5. Thanks for the update. It would be nice to be able to clip Gmail messages with Web clipper, but forwarding to Evernote works fine for now.
  6. I love the new Evernote Web Clipper. My one issue is that I am unable to take advantage of the keyboard shortcuts as the shortcut for taking the screenshot is the same as deleting a message in Gmail. Every time I delete a message in Gmail, Web Clipper takes over my browser with a screen shot and the Skitch arrow. While Gmail does allow me to change my shortcuts, I don't want to because of the design of my keyboard, and it is already in muscle memory. I use Gmail far more than Evernote. Unfortunately, Evernote Clipper doesn't allow me to change the shortcut for screen shots or just disable that one short cut, it is all or nothing. Please allow editing of keyboard shortcuts as you can in the Evernote Desktop Client.
  7. I would also like to know when extra sticker packs will be available and whether additional designs would be available. Elsewhere I've seen suggestions that Evernote partner with one of the major computer-printable label companies (e.g. Avery), which I think is an excellent idea. As for the arrow stickers, unless I missed something, these have not programmatic features. They are merely "skitch" arrows for highlighting important items. I believe that "skitch" just refers to the style of the arrows used for this purpose in the Skitch smartphone/tablet app. In the blog post where Evernote announced the new notebook, they write: "In addition to the Smart Stickers, we also included some handy Skitch arrows. Use those to draw attention to important things on the page." http://blog.evernote.com/blog/2012/08/24/the-new-evernote-smart-notebook-by-moleskine/
  8. That would be perfect! But it is probably taking EV into a completely new direction. More practical, and almost perfect, would be tighter integration between EV and an existing citation tool, such as Mendeley. If Mendeley could tie in with EV and use EV's storage and include the citation information in EV along with the article, while still maintaining the citation and works citied list in the Mendeley database for integration with MS Word and Mendeley's awesome social bibliographic database, that would be an awesome addition to the EV trunk.
  9. I must take exception with those who cite Evernote's business strategy to focus on consumers, rather than Enterprise, whenever someone asks for better collaboration features. How is asking for shared notebooks that allow everyone with whom it is shared to easily add their own notes. For decades I've use shared folders on home networks, I use iTunes shared libraries, I use Google Docs for sharing and collaboratively working on docs with family members. Any isn't collaboration a large part of social networking sites as well? Collaboration and social use is a HUGE focus of software developed for consumer use.
  10. I used up my quota of "likes" on this forum. Great discussion, too bad it took a negative turn towards the end. I've been a paying subscriber of Evernote for a while now and there is much I love about the service for personal use, but lack of collaboration features is making me restless and looking into other solutions. What I most want is to be able to have multiple people add notes to a shared notebook as easily as a single person does. But if I share a notebook with my wife, she cannot clip a not to it. I think that this is in large part because shared folders are put into another bucket--they are listed separately and the clipper only sees your notebooks. It seems that the only way to really share is to have a single account used by multiple people. I understand Dave's point about needing to list shared folders separately. Even Google docs this. Then again there are document management systems that allow for shared directory structures with per-folder permissioning to allow for private folders, but I expect that this is getting too far away from Evernote's intended design and business model. What about sharing entire lists and allowing them to be layered, like many calendaring programs do? Instead of a "Shared" tab, you would have a menu option where you could toggle shared lists on and off? I know none of this is trivial to program and I do appreciate what an incredible value Evernote is for personal note taking and curating, but better collaboration features will be necessary for Evernote's growth and to retain existing members who want to share notes with friends, family, and colleagues. I'm hoping Evernote can incrementally improve the collaboration. I would miss many of its unique features, the great web, Windows, Mac, and iPhone interfaces, the clipper and reader add-ons for Chrome, the handwritting OCR, and I certainly am not looking forward to trying to migrate notes, but I'm already looking for a temporary evernote replacement for sharing notes with my wife, perhaps a clipper that saves to Google Docs or something. If other users are doing the same, it doesn't bode well for Evernote being able to hold onto its user base.
  11. Let's not characterize sharing stacks as a purely Enterprise feature. Cutting edge collaboration features have been advanced in recent years by the consumer market. Think most any social network. Enterprise has dragged its feet on social collaboration until recently (not without good reason, but that's another discussion). I think I am not an untypical premium user in that I use it for personal notes, but would also like to share certain notebooks with my wife. For example, say your company is relocating and you have to move your family. Wouldn't it be great to have a "Moving" stack containing notebooks for "schools", "neighborhoods", "house listings", etc. And wouldn't it be nice to share that stack and all the notebooks underneath. But even when shared, the collaborative use is limited because if I share "house listings" notebook with my wife and give her editing rights, she still cannot clip a listing from a webpage and save it to the shared notebook. Shared notebooks, as currently implemented in Evernote, are not very human friendly. Evernote needs to get on this before MS Onenote and third-party developers for Google Apps or even some enterprising Facebook developer or brand new service offers a great multi-platform notetaking product WITH good collaboration features.
  12. Yes. Evernote is a great personal note taking and organization tool, but its collaboration features are lacking. Recently, I've needed to share web clippings and notes with my wife, but have found Evernote's shared folders to be absolutely painful. If I share a folder with my wife, she can't clip to it. She can't put it in her main folder list and add to a stack. Within the shared folder list, she can't stack or organize the shared folders. Using Evernote for business purposes is out of the question, not only because of security concerns, but also because of the poor implementation of notebook sharing. If Google Docs were to implement a Web clipper and have a decent notetaking Web app, I would seriously consider ending my Evernote premium account. While the inconvenience of moving and reorganizing my notes locks me in somewhat, I would probably suffer the inconvenience, and even somewhat less functionality, for better collaboration. With all the companies developing applications for Google Apps, I wouldn't be surprised to see products in that environment that compete with Evernote. Or Microsoft could integrate One Note with SharePoint/MS Live for collaborative notebooks (maybe they already do, I've not looked at OneNote in a while). I think better collaboration features are critical to Evernote's business. Well, at least it is very important to keeping me paying my yearly subscription.
  13. Having to install a third-party clipper to send something to Evernote kinda defeats the purpose of the Evernote clipper.
  14. Assign Tags in the Windows client certainly does auto-suggest as you type in the Add New Tag control. Also, it will respond to key presses in the tag list, so you can jump around the list alphabetically.
  15. My use of tags are not very complicated and for the most part, Evernote's tagging features are sufficient for my needs. But the following tag management features would be nice: 1. Tag groups. There are often certain groups of tags that get applied to certain types of documents on a frequent basis. I would be nice I could select a tag group and have all tags in that group applied to the document(s). 2. Tag clean-up tools. It would be nice to have some tools that would help clean up tags, including: [*:14gkc5p0]deleting empty tags (any tag that has not been applied to a document) [*:14gkc5p0]enforcing capitalization rules and bulk-changing all tags to all lower-case, all initial case, or whatever your preference is [*:14gkc5p0]merging tags, I have redundant tags because if typos. I would like to be able to select a number of tags and merge them. Currently, you have to select the tag you want to get rid off, tag all of its documents to the correct tag, and then delect the incorrect tag. A tag-merge feature would be more convenient. [*:14gkc5p0]the ability to apply tags to multiple notes by typing rather than selecting the tags. If you have a large number of tags, the picklist of the CNTRL+ALT+T dialogue is cumbersome. I would like to have the option to have CNTRL+ALT+T behave similar to how you tag a single document, auto-suggest while you type, which for me is by far the faster of the two methods to tag docs
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