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  1. I'm guessing Google Drive integration does not work with Evernote Web
  2. Okay, looks like I can drag an image from a note in the Web client to my desktop or a directory open in File Explorer. Not ideal, but workable.
  3. Okay, it looks like I can drag an image from the note in the Web client to a directory open in File Explorer. Not ideal, but it is a workable solution.
  4. @gazumped You can download an image from a note in the web client? As an image? How? When I right-click on an image in a note using the Web app it only gives me an option to save as an HTML or MHTM file. Since I can't use the installed program (can't install it on my work laptop and wouldn't want all my Evernote data saved on my work laptop anyway) for long period of time, I need to use the Web Client. My inability to just download a file is forcing me to use other methods to capture images into the cloud for downloading later and is causing me to re-think my continued use
  5. How do I copy images out of or download images from a Note in the Evernote Web Client? I swear I used to be able to do this. I no longer bring my personal computer when I'm working overseas and can't (and don't want to anyway) install Evernote on my work computer. I use the Evernote app on my phone to take photos of receipts, boarding passes, etc. that I have to submit to get my reimbursement for travel expenses. I also use it as a kind of scanner of sorts for documents that I have to send to HR, etc., now that I don't have regular access to office and office equipment. But I
  6. I've been using Evernote for over 11 years and David Allen's GTD methodology for even longer. I can't say that I am using my folders only for workflow and I could be more disciplined with my tags, but I have been a fan of tagging / labeling over foldering for over 20 years. I recently started a new job that requires Outlook and I can't install third-part apps to add tagging and it is driving me crazy. The one thing I disagree with, however, is that Evernote has never lived up to its promise of being a place to dump everything. The file size limit means I frequently am unable to file PDFs
  7. I've been a user of Evernote for over 11 years. So long as I can export from the native app, and there are competitors that will import them (which Notion, Zoho, and OneNote do) I'm not too worried. Evernote meets my needs well and every time I've looked at changing, nothing made it worth making the change. I want a place to take notes, stuff web clips and document, that I can tag and effectively search. I would like to have some snappier options to taking quick notes as I still find myself opening Notepad to take get to writing out a note quickly. Evernote has never been responsiv
  8. Well, I never was contacted or given instructions on how to give feedback. Anyway, I'm back to the public release version. I'll let other struggle through beta testing.
  9. Is there a discussion forum/thread that is specific to the Windows Experimental Preview?
  10. I would also like to request the ability to associate multiple accounts with a single Evernote account. As I increasingly use Evernote to take and share screenshots, I find it frustrating when for some situations, I have to copy the image out of Evernote and paste into the e-mail rather than just send from Evernote.
  11. I love the new Evernote Web Clipper. My one issue is that I am unable to take advantage of the keyboard shortcuts as the shortcut for taking the screenshot is the same as deleting a message in Gmail. Every time I delete a message in Gmail, Web Clipper takes over my browser with a screen shot and the Skitch arrow. While Gmail does allow me to change my shortcuts, I don't want to because of the design of my keyboard, and it is already in muscle memory. I use Gmail far more than Evernote. Unfortunately, Evernote Clipper doesn't allow me to change the shortcut for screen shots or just disable that
  12. I would also like to know when extra sticker packs will be available and whether additional designs would be available. Elsewhere I've seen suggestions that Evernote partner with one of the major computer-printable label companies (e.g. Avery), which I think is an excellent idea. As for the arrow stickers, unless I missed something, these have not programmatic features. They are merely "skitch" arrows for highlighting important items. I believe that "skitch" just refers to the style of the arrows used for this purpose in the Skitch smartphone/tablet app. In the blog post where Evernote announ
  13. Let's not characterize sharing stacks as a purely Enterprise feature. Cutting edge collaboration features have been advanced in recent years by the consumer market. Think most any social network. Enterprise has dragged its feet on social collaboration until recently (not without good reason, but that's another discussion). I think I am not an untypical premium user in that I use it for personal notes, but would also like to share certain notebooks with my wife. For example, say your company is relocating and you have to move your family. Wouldn't it be great to have a "Moving" stack containi
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