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  1. Web Clipper for Chrome in Windows is not working for me at all. Clicking on the elephant icon does nothing now. I reinstalled it and still not working. Chrome: 65.0.3325.181 (Official Build) (64-bit)
  2. I absolutely want much stronger encryption options in Evernote. I already have started using other applications now because of this issue like many other people in this thread. I do not want Evernote employees or anyone else reading my notes. This should be a major priority to implement - especially after the privacy policy debacle this week. "Machine Learning" should not absolutely not be the focus of future development. That is so absurd, I can't even believe some people at Evernote think that is a good idea. Evernote really needs to get back on track. I believe Evernote is out of touch with regard to what customers want and need.
  3. I'm happy because Turle sounds very promising. I haven't tried it yet, but I intend to check it out. I like more options in the marketplace. If Turle meets my needs, offers more privacy/security and is affordable, I may switch to it. To remain competitive, Evernote needs to add features that people want - like better encryption and security. I believe that Evernote has lost touch with its customers. Their attitude has become somewhat antagonistic and I don't really understand it from a business point of view. IMHO the past year has been a disaster for them. Frankly, they better realize these things, or they won't be around much longer.
  4. I appreciate that Evernote quickly realized their mistake and listened to their customers in this instance. However, I would still like to see more work done on encryption features and much stronger privacy policies going forward. Marketing focus groups and public dialog about proposed changes would greatly benefit you in the future. This is the second debacle in the past six months. Your company cannot keep doing this and expect people to stick around.
  5. I am happy to hear about Turtl. I sincerely hope that Evernote now realizes how important privacy is to their customers and offers much stronger encryption features in the future. We really should never have to worry about Evernote employees (or anyone else) snooping around our notes. Notebook level encryption should have been a top priority years ago!
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