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  1. I second the suggestion for there to be notebook usage on the Pre app. I've really caught on to using Evernote and I use it for just about everything from organizing scanned maintenance receipts for my car to cataloging photos/web clippings of products for home improvement projects. So... this has lead me to have a TON of individual notes on my Pre (while they are neatly organized into Notebooks on my desktop and laptop). When I search, it takes a "long time" to search for the note that I want. Just now, using my Pre on a wifi connection, it took 34 seconds from first tap of the Evernote icon to pulling up a to do list that I use frequently. When I do the search, a lot of extra notes come up (usually scans or photos with OCR) and I have to sift through them even though I typed the exact title of what I was looking for... If I had to fiddle or couldn't remember the exact name of the note I wanted, it would take me about a minute and a half... enough to discourage me from using it when the thought crosses my mind unless it's something that I really have to write it down. Even if there is little screen "real estate" to include notebooks, I wouldn't mind perhaps an option to toggle it for someone who really wants to use it. A response was given that for notes that need to be accessed frequently to use the Pre's built in memos or tasks and sync later. Would there be any consideration (or ability with the webOS API) to providing a sync between Evernote and Pre Memos? As an alternative, could there be a setting (perhaps on the Evernote settings website, so no Pre screen would need to be taken up) to choose which notebooks won't sync to the Pre (or certain devices)? I know you have the option of choosing (permanently) whether or not the notebook is sync-able. But the Evernote desktop application is fine on my desktop and laptop and work computer which I *do* want to sync... just not extra notes with my Pre. Thanks for your consideration! Evernote is a great product! Mike
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