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  1. I totally agree! It really should be up to the user whether ones wants to run it or not. But in addition to what you listed I have another reason to ask for better control over the EvernoteClipper. As you described when Evernote starts up it starts the EvernoteClipper without giving one the opportunity to object to another process adding load to a PC. The even bigger problem I have with the EvernoteClipper is that when you exit out of Evernote, the clipper happily still continues to run in the background and has to be terminated manually using Task Manager. This behaviour begs a question ---> What is it doing when Evernote is no longer running???
  2. Here are some features that I would love to see added to Evenote: (1) ability to close (not delete) individual notebooks, and reopen them at any time (2) ability to hide a selected subset of categories/tags to allow easier navigation thru the remaining ones (3) ability to associate some categories with a specific notebook so that they will appear only in the notebook is opened (4) links between categories so that one category could be linked and therefore be visible in several "master" categories (5) more editing features - especially table inserts and formatting (6) pre-defined styles to allow one to quickly change selected paragraphs style (7) notes lists that can be sortable by and grouped into individual categories Also I wanted to thank you for the wonderful product! It already is of great help to me. Regards, Tomasz
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