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  1. The number one reason I use Evernote is the retrive by search ability that enables me to quickly deal with stuff without having to spend a lot of time organizing it using folders/tags/filenames. Offering a premium offline-notebook function without the option to search for notes offline does not seem to be in tune with Evernotes "search instead of organize"-principle. I hope this will be added to the Android-version which I find to be a really great and thought-through app except for the missing offline search.
  2. Hi First, i don´t know if this has already been suggested. I found out that it is actually possible to create links between notes in Evernote by doing the following: - Search for the title of the note you want to link to in the Spotlight prompt (cmd+space). - Click on "Show all" to open up the Spotlight results inside a Finder window - Select the note in the result window. Look at the directory path in the bottom of the Finder window or right click "Get Info". Notice the filename of the note file - for example my note called "To do-list" has a filename called "p2666.evernote". - Open the note you want to link from. Select the link text (for example: "My To do-liste") and press cmd+k (create hyperlink). - Insert a (local) hyperlink to the note file by typing "file:///" followed by the local path to the note file. In my case the path to the note "To do-list" is: file:///Users/Christian/Library/Caches/Metadata/com.evernote.Evernote/p2666.evernote You can now click on the link inside the note and the linked note should open in a new Evernote window. I´m interested in hearing from Evernote crew or other users, whether or not this approach is safe or has any disadvantages (besides that it is limited to work on my local mac client).
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