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  1. I can't believe text highlighting has not been included in evernote 3.5 ! I must say your web page is deceptive because it shows text highlighted. I realised only after having installed evernote 3.5 that it was only in case of search, that the result get highlighted, so what a big deal !, (1h30 time wasted). I am disappointed this is the one feature you terribly lack and has kept me away from using evernote for nearly 1 year too bad
  2. good news I thnk this is a must have feature for note taking systems, most major note taking apps have it today (onenote etc.)
  3. Hello, The only feature I miss to use fully evernote is outlining text with several possible color : 4 would be a good start. yellow of course, blue, pink and green and orange and red if you want to provide 6. I always outline text. NB look at the way I use color outlining or highlighting with job offers I find on the internet with the only alternative (with outlining) I found so far in the video below (NB it is in French but pretty visual if you look at it in full screen), additionnal clue, I assigned a meaning to each outlining color I use : yellow : "important" "green" : "favourable for me" or "very interesting for me" "blue" : "a bit cold but no big deal, some one has to do the job anyway" "orange" : "be carefull may be a problem (but no show stopper)" "pink" : "not good for me but no show stopper" "red" : "show stopper" here is the video how I use the evernote alternative and how one of my evernote use would be with outlining : http://www.vimeo.com/5115309 NB2 : the begining of the video deals with capturing (similar to evernote) if you want to go to the outlining feature you may jump to 5'39" time in the video up to 7'18
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