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  1. This isn't possible with the WRT framework the application is built using, you have to go through the security checks. The the other apps you're referring to are probably native S60 applications which don't have the same restrictions.
  2. Most apps also include an exit button as some use the red end button to hide their application instead. I think apart from some speed enhancements all I'd really want extra is offline note storage.
  3. Initial impressions are that it looks good and is going to be better than accessing the mobile site but I do have some concerns: How do I officially quit it? There's no exit button so I just use the red end button It's a little sluggish which I guess is due to using the widget framework rather than it being a native application. This is a tad disappointing. It's also jarring to keep OKing all the prompts on startup. Again, a limit of the widget framework. Does it store notes for offline viewing? I haven't had a chance to try yet but I fear it won't....
  4. Now that the mobile site seems to have stopped working on my N95 8GB I would very much welcome a native Symbian version. I'm resorting to using Opera Mini for now.
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