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  1. This above chart came from an email I received yesterday from Evernote.
  2. That is the chart that I was initially referring to. If you look in the ‘free’ column it says for the offline access to notes is for desktop only. Same chart says for Plus the offline access is for desktop and mobile. That is what I have now for my Plus account and I can select all or individual notebooks to save to my phone which will and have been available offline when I don’t have cell or WiFi access. The new ad I got says that offline availability for legacy Plus users is just for desktop. what is correct?
  3. I have been an EN customer since 2009 and have been a Plus customer for years. I saw the chart above that says that Plus will make notes available offline for both desktop and mobile. That is great but when I clicked on the latest email that I got it said that Plus offline is only available for desktop. Anybody know the straight scoop? Thanks!
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