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  1. Hi Dave, Thanks you for the reply, I am trying to track down all the info both this port and a separate email contained. I do remember when I was first opening up Evernote, the computer I had was a non Intel Duo 2 Mac, this one is a Intel Duo Mac. During startup of Evernote it said "updating database" I remember the green progress bar..... Anyway when it was done, the notes were gone. I did check the trash, and nothing was in there. Thanks, I will get the info to you via email, Andy
  2. Below taken from, http://www.evernote.com/about/what_is_en/ "On the web. On your desktop. On your phone. In the cloud.<---- SOUNDS ALOT LIKE APPLE Everything you put into Evernote is always synchronized across all of your devices. That way, all your memories are available to you wherever you are." If that is right then why is data stored ONLY on the computer of the user? viewtopic.php?f=38&t=10518&p=41899#p41899 Just really really really frustrated here, I swear I did NOT get ANY warning at ALL. I literally logged into the Evernote on my computer, just like normal and BAM all notes are GONE!!! My folders are there, but no data, I made three since then but why? I had somewhere 80-100 notes, yes not alot, but according to your reply I would have to delete each note? I never saw them to delete them. I can tell you guys are trying to model Apple service. BUT Apple, asked me for MERGING data or REPLACING with either that stored on the server or the computer. http://www.apple.com/mobileme/features/ "MobileMe keeps your mail, contacts, and calendar information in the “cloud” and uses push technology to keep everything in sync across your iPhone, Mac, PC, and the web automatically. So no matter where you go or what device you use, all your information is up to date — no docking required."
  3. Are you sure you were logging in to the same account as you used before?------ Yes I only have one account If notes were synchronized to the web service before, they shouldn't have been deleted unless you deleted the corresponding notes or notebooks from one of our UIs.--------- Well they were deleted (not by me), in fact I still have each folder (only 5 or 6) but they are all empty. It's possible to restore your previous local database state from Time Machine, although the process is a little bit detailed:---- I went to this and was unable to find them, the only evernote that is in application support is in the new time machine database. For the entire past year Time Machine only backed up the Application only. Weird but it is backign up everything now and I didnt change anything. I am serious I never allowed to override anything, it is as simple as I said it was.... On New Computer (after data migration) logged into Evernote----> Normal note window came up with NO NOTES. Folders are there, but no notes. You mean you all don't have ANY backups? How safe is that? The 500mb data (I use no where near that) I may use on any given month can really be deleted due to a power outage and Evernote has no back ups? This is crazy?!
  4. Hi, Yes I went onto the website and they were gone. This is what happened... Friday Logged out of Evernote and dropped off old computer to computer store. (Did not want unknown access) Friday night I have a laptop but didnt do anything different. Saturday Picked up new computer and signed into Evernote, which then replaced existing new computer with no notes. Is there anywhere on the computer where Evernote stores files? I have Time Machine and would it be there somewhere? Why did it just delete the files and not ask me? I did find that support link and did post a request for help.
  5. I was in the middle of changing computers and disabled the evernote on the old computer. (Did not want computer store access) anyway when I logged on the new desktop, it saw evernote was empty on my new computer so..... the entire online evernote notes have been deleted.... How can I get those notes back?? Will someone from Evernote reply to see if I can restore? There is no email to contact evernote administration for help. WTF
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