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  1. Thanks for the quick reply @DTLow! I was indeed signed in, but in fiddling with it a bit I just tried logging out and back in and now see the options. Sheesh.
  2. I'm a Premium subscriber, and after the most recent upgrade to my client I'm encountering consistent crashes. I was going to file a request with Evernote support, but it looks like the "Submit a request" page is broken. Specifically, the instructions say "Please submit a ticket..." but there is no link or form or other control to do so. (See the attached screenshot.) Any ideas how I can file a ticket or otherwise request support? Thanks!
  3. +1 on editor button and keyboard shortcut for strikethrough. The use case is quite clear (using Evernote to manage todo-type lists) and appears to apply to quite a few people. Note, even the cke javascript editor used in these forums has a strikethrough button. Making this easier and quicker in the app would be much appreciated! I'm curious, though, has anyone worked out an alternative workflow for this use case?
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