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  1. Hi You guys have done some wonderful improvements to all platforms lately...(I use Mac, windows, web, iphone)...kudos! I would like to stoke the fire so to speak about sub-notebooks, or merging 2 notebooks keeping them differentiated within one main notebook. I use Evernote for school, work, inspirations, personal reminders, etc...When I first started using Evernote one notebook worked for each school term. As time progresses, I am relying more and more on the cross platform usage of Evernote. Now it is only 1 month into the term and my notebook labeled Fall 2009 is a jumbled mess. If I split it up, I've got notebooks spanning the left side of my screen. Then I can't see the tags. I am an architecture student and have found Evernote fabulous for cross referencing research I have done in prior school terms (work smarter not harder). However, my mind has its own system which includes sub notebooks not tags (well most of the time). It would be a huge HUGE HUGE improvement/help to add sub notebooks. Thank you for the new addition of Reqall - that rocks! Also an idea for your feature month series in the blog: how students really use Evernote. Maybe other students have figured out something I could put into use ) Thanks for a great service and constant attention to making it over and above! Wendy
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