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  1. Funny, I've been saying this to myself for years but I just can't seem to cut the cord for some reason. Lack of Markdown support is probably not even in my top five reasons. I just wish the bugs that have existed for over a decade would get fixed rather than being called a feature.
  2. Here it is nearly six years after this post and it pains me to say that there still isn't a native way to use a keyboard shortcut to change the font quickly, let alone have there be native markdown support (aside from third party tools like Marxico). I have been a dedicated paying Evernote user for well over a decade and while I still use it for general note-taking I am growing weary of having to get used to the fact that the seemingly obvious features you'd expect in an omnibus notebook tool which users repeatedly ask for are simply getting ignored. The UI continues to be buggy due to what ap
  3. When I ran into this, I got around this by saving the variant of the font as its own named font. In my case I was trying to make use of Gotham, Regular so I just made a Gotham Regular font as it's own font file from that variant and Evernote didn't seem to have a problem making it the default. It's obviously a hack as you have to fracture font sets but it gets the job done. Also, for those want to make the fonts portable to multiple devices, you export the font sets so that are loaded onto other systems. For evernote they simply have to be called "Web" to work. As for iOS, I have never tr
  4. Nope, not as far as I can tell. Just today I cut and pasted some file names into file namer in TextMate and I couldn't figure out why the file name wouldn't appear to paste, but it was because it was throwing a carriage return in the name. Good thing "git status" caught the weirdness. This is pretty unacceptable as far as I am concerned, but the folks at Evernote clearly don't seem to care.
  5. That may be so, but what should come as no shock to anyone, the problem is not fixed. As I said previously, it has been broken for over a decade. Don't expect it to take less than another decade for it to ever get fixed- if ever!
  6. This problem has been going on got literally a decade yet the Evernote team has yet to do anything about it. It is utterly maddening that they still can't get simple formatting to work in notes- a problem they have never been able to resolve while the simplest text editors don't have an issue with it. I put up with it because of the rest of their features, but the makers should really be ashamed about this one. It's literally been around since the product was conceived. I cannot roll my eyes hard enough through the back of my head for this one!
  7. Sorry, I caused confusion when I said "camera roll" and you inferred that I was talking about Evernote for IOS. I want to see Evernote for OSX getting one click access to the camera roll by way of the Photos datastore which would have those photos by way of iCloud photo sync. I would much rather write Evernote content using a keyboard than with a touch screen!
  8. I'm sorry, but this is absolutely terrible and I hold both Apple and Evernote accountable for this terribleness. First of all, there should be a one step way for Evernote to be able to natively select photos from the camera roll and either link it or copy it into a note. The fact that you have to export the picture first, or have a copy of all of your photos ahead of time is utterly gross. I personally think Apple having turned "Photos" into a potentially enormous data object instead of just using the file system like, I dunno, like the rest of the planet Earth, was a gigantic middle fing
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