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  1. Also, Joplin looks great. Can someone from Evernote respond to this issue of lagginess/slowness of the app? If not Joplin looks like a great alternative that I will switch to in the next week. Joplin looks like moving from STATA or SAS into R, which was a great move!
  2. The new Evernote (I guess it is version 10, I have 10.4.4 atm) also works horribly for me. I really love the app but I'm seriously considering switching to something else because it is so laggy now. It requires so much CPU power now that it is no longer easy to use. "Evernote Helper (Renderer)" also constantly runs in the background when the app is open (that I can see in Activity Monitor—on a Mac) and takes up 30-100+% of my CPU power, even when I'm doing something else with the app in the background! I have a 2015 duo-core Mac Air, but still, how can a 6 year old computer not run an app as s
  3. I agree, the inconsistency with the text colours across the Mac app and the IOS app decreases the functionality of the apps. Colour coding is often very helpful.
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