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  1. I cannot Voice Dictate "NEW LINE" or "NEW PARAGRAPH" in Title Field the using Native iOs keyboard microphone. Used to work fine from iWatch. Cannot figure out how to escape the title field and into the note body using commands from iphone keyboard microphone unless I switch out of title field and into note body manually with keyboard or finger taps. For instance, previously on the iWatch I could add a note and dictate "grocery list new paragraph apples new line bread new line milk" I get a note that looks like: grocery list (title field) Apples Bread Milk But exactly the same dictation using the microphone button on the stock iPhone keyboard (6s+, latest 13+ iOs version) LOOKS like it's working, but eventually yields: grocery list--Apples-Bread-Milk (title field) Now I'm getting the same result on the iWatch. Is there a special formatting voice command to escape the title field and enter the note body? Am I doing something obviously wrong? I have already searched the forum and online and have not found anything relevant. I swear I didn't have this problem before. iOs update?? Feedback appreciated!
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