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  1. Class Action comes to mind, or maybe 100 annoying small claims filings. This was an intentional removal of features we paid for, with no way to avoid the "upgrade". iWatch functionality was promised four updates ago.
  2. As an even better workaround (IMO), try Bear. For FREE (basic version). The iWatch complication is flaweless as near as I can tell, and it's easy to share everythng back to EN at the end of the day. In fact, if you don't need android platform support, you might find this FREE basic app a very adept replacement for EN alltogether. Even better is that this company (Shinyfrog="Bear") hasn't willfully forced an "update" down my throat , with known removal/breaking of features in a pure breach of contract. EN owes every single paid subcriber an apology and a refund.
  3. My issue is this was done without warning. Apple watch compatibility is completely gone, and web clipper without any function. These were not "bugs", but known limitations that were not disclosed in an effort to get paying customers to become Beta testers overnight. And THAT is the real crime here, not a myriad of bugs. I paid and contracted for a certain feature set, only to have it WILLFULLY and detrimentally deleted/altered with no disclosure and no recourse. Legacy version on the app store (as an alternate) is quite possible. Delete 10.x and install Legacy 8.xx.x (personal ch
  4. Onenote does not have a complication that I could find. I've replaced the Elephant with the Bear and the complication is flawless. I cannot fathom how software I am PAYING for on a subnscription basis has major features deactivated behind my back without warning. Really? Whoever released v 10 as an Alpha with gutted features needs to be taken out back. Absolutely criminal denial of use with no rollback recourse on iOS. All I need now is a way to export EN to Bear. Shame on you. ***** treatment of loyal customers.
  5. I cannot Voice Dictate "NEW LINE" or "NEW PARAGRAPH" in Title Field the using Native iOs keyboard microphone. Used to work fine from iWatch. Cannot figure out how to escape the title field and into the note body using commands from iphone keyboard microphone unless I switch out of title field and into note body manually with keyboard or finger taps. For instance, previously on the iWatch I could add a note and dictate "grocery list new paragraph apples new line bread new line milk" I get a note that looks like: grocery list (title field) Apples Bread
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