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  1. I put an alias to Evernote.app in ~/library/PDF (I had to create this folder). The Save to Evernote did not show up under the PDF menu in the print dialog. Is there any known method under Mountain Lion to Save (PDF) to Evernote? I usually want to print a PDF to Evernote from Gmail. I don't like the extra step to print a PDF to Downloads then drag to Evernote. Regards Dennis
  2. Hi I have a list of Businesses with Lat/Long information. I want to use AppleScript to add each business as a note and include Location information. Looking at the AppleScript Dictionary for EverNote, The "create note" command does not have an option to set the location of a new note. However, Latitude and Longitude are properties of a note. Can AppleScript set location information or properties of an EverNote note? Regards Dennis
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