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  1. post 3 of 3 (which worked for me...either by using "scan" button or ScanSnap home app scan button)

    note: not sure if it is making PDF's all searchable yet.




    Next to the plus icon is a pencil icon to edit the profile. It looks like you created the profile without making any changes yet, so we can just edit it afterwards. After clicking the Pencil, you can go to the bottom where it says application. Click None (Scan to File) -> Add or Remove -> Add, etc.

  2. post #1 of 3 (solution)


    To go through it over the phone, you would need to call us at 1-800-626-4686 option 1. I am unavailable via phone.

    You would open the ScanSnap Home software, then click Scan at the Top Left. Click on the + sign at the top right to create a new profile. You can choose THE Save Documents template. You can change the name of the profile to Evernote instead of Save documents. Then at the bottom where it says Application. Click on Send to: None (Scan to File), and click Add or Remove. 

    Then click Add -> Display name put Evernote. Click on Browse and choose the Evernote application (Should be in the Applications Folder). Then click Ok. Close, and make sure it is selected as the Application, and click on Add. Then make sure you have this new profile selected and scan with it. 

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  3. I will update after I reach Fujitsu...I simply assumed there had to be thousands of these scanners integrated with ENote?





    Dear Valued Customer,

    Are you on Mac or PC? The app needs to be added manually, or you could switch to a function called ScanSnap Home. 

    Unfortunately, that auto integration with Evernote is not available with the new software update, so it will need to be added manually. If you'd like a remote session for it, please call us at 1-800-626-4686 option 1. I can try to guide you through it once I know which operating system you are on. 

    Thank you for choosing Fujitsu,
    Kenny N
    Technical Assistance Center
    Fujitsu Computer Products of America
    Phone: (800) 626-4686
    Scanner and Service Support contacts
    Scanner and Software Technical Support Knowledge Base 
    ScanSnap Community     

  4. RESOLVED....see notes from Fujitsu below:

    (I believe the existing ScanSnap software that allowed integration is no longer available and won't be supported)



    When looking at Scansnap's site they lead you to a new software tool called "Home".

    Has anyone integrated this with evernote?

    The older scansnap software integrated well scanning to ENote....can't seem to figure this one out. 


  5. Gaz, 

    Thought I had resolved however still an issue. 

    Using Scansnap IX500, not the ENote edition. 

    Have the latest Mac OS release 10.13.2

    Now I have to reinstall Scansnap Manager software to even get the scan to ENote option.


    happens when I reboot the OS. 

  6. 1 hour ago, EdH said:



    1 hour ago, EdH said:

    Again, I am NOT saying Fujitsu has no fault here. They could be 100% at fault, 0%, or somewhere in between. Unlike the Kwikset issue, I don't know what correspondence Fujitsu had with Apple during the Sierra developer builds.

    actually you may be right, Fujitsu may not be at fault...EN's latest version that was released Sept 19th ish? via Apple App store may be the issue....it appears to be a newer release than the latest Mac download from EN. Fujitsu has advised using the "EN version" as a fix to "scan to document" ....

  7. To EdH: not sure how to reply on this forum so this will suffice.

    App developers had access to all beta versions of Apple's code. Therefore one would "assume" they tested their code with all releases of new versions of said Sierra code. The "new" issues that Fujitsu has uncovered yesterday? (see ronfel) are basic "blocking and tackling: functions...seriously...."scan to evernote document/note...doesn't now work?" 

    Even "if" Apple Sierra code broke Scansnaps code, the fact that users here pointed out the "scan to document" issue first tells me Fujitsu dropped the ball big time.

    if I find out different I'll revise my Amazon review...which,  as a reminder is "Love the hardware hate the software'...I see a few others have done so as well.... 

  8. Randomizer...see post right above yours (Ronfel) with latest ScanSnap update...I was having same issue. I upgraded a few days after the first set of issues were Identified knowing they did not impact me....however this one is huge as I scan everything into EN. This just tells me the Scansnap development team did "zero" testing as this function fault can't be missed. 


    My work around is to scan to "Dropbox", move the scan file via finder to my EN database location and then drag PDF to EN on an "new" page for that Folder. Ugly....but works for me. 


    I have left a 1 star rating on Amazon where I bought the scanner titled "Love the hardware, hate the software".  


    PS. I do feel better that this issue is recognized as part of the "code break" as I thought I may have changed a wrong setting in the Scansnap app.....

  9. This may or may not be related to the overall issues we see with ScanSnap's Sierra problems however is anyone having a 'separate" issue when scanning to EN from ScanSnap where the EN icon stays in the Dock and then gives this error: "failed to startup EverNote for Mac"? Only happens when scanning to PDF or JPG into EN. I can workaround by scanning into DropBox or other, and then moving the PDF into EN. 

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  10. Along with these know scansnsp issues, Is anyone else having an issue with evernote for Mac and ScanSnap after installing Sierra where the PDF does not show up in the EN screen "all files" but stays at the "Dock" (and will not "quit"...have to force quit) ? It shows as "scan to evernote" document in and will eventually request attention and indicate "failed to startup evernote for Mac"

    The actual PDF is at the correct location on the Mac and can be dragged to an evernote open screen. 


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