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  1. Firefox Firefox Web Clipper 6.1

    Didn't look, don't know where to find the browser console log - is there some quick pointer to where this is? By the way I reverted to firefox 44x and that doesn't seem to really help.
  2. Firefox Firefox Web Clipper 6.1

    Web Clipper 6.1 simply hangs (stops working) every so often, for no obvious reason, on firefox 45.0.1. Example - start evernote, firefox, fresh. Web Clipper will work for a time. Then, for no reason with no correlation to anything I can see, the icon will go dead. The clipper icon is visible, but clicking on it has no effect at all. I've not found the for sure shortest path to reset this, but seems to require terminating all evernote processes and all firefox processes.
  3. If I take some photos on an ipad mini (ios 7), attach them to evernote on the ipad, edit them on the ipad Then When I sync to evernote on a PC, the photos will have an odd pixel aspect ratio - as though they've been stretched in one direction more than another. (Has this been discussed? I couldn't find it in the forums.)
  4. Web clipper version I had before worked fine. Had to reload machine, loaded current web clipper from evernote. Does not work right. So first, could somebody PLEASE give me a link to the previous version(s) of web clipper for safari? Second, evernote, you need to learn from your experiences of the last year and ALWAYS have OLD versions available for download. Otherwise your insane desire to change and break stuff will drive people like me away from your product and the subscription.
  5. So the "new version" ... want it now/skip it popup just popped up over the top of my exercise video. How do I arrange things such that that popup never ever appears again for all of time?