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  1. I completely agree. I wish they had parental control options and the option to lock down notebooks/notes with a password. When setting a password they should allow the user to create hint to help them remember their password should they forget and create some form of recovery option if the password is forgotten. I would also like the see them allow an icon or photo to be used for a notebook or note so that any photos within a notebook/note isn't seen unless that specific notebook or note is opened. This provides a level of privacy for those notes when working in Evernote around people.
  2. I don't understand why everyone is complaining. Evernote is free. The free version is fantastic as it is. I have used the free version for my courses all the way up to my doctorate. I plan on upgrading to the premium version, for the annotation feature, with the student discount for the first year. This is the same thing other companies do. Amazon offers the first year of Prime at a discount rate for students. Expecting a company to offer discount on so many forefronts is ridiculous especially considering the relatively low price. This is basic business principles. Stop looking a gift horse in
  3. If you are a student then you get 50% off.
  4. I am working on my Doctorate and use Evernote to keep notes on various classes that will carry over into other courses. Not only that but I use Citavi for my reference material. I actually got the information for that program from these discussion boards. I think keeping track of resources and abstracts is more an issue with Doctorate work then undergrad/grad work. If you get stuck, because they suck, with group projects you can link up with everyone on Evernote and work the same material together instead of sending each person's sections into one person to put together. Sentinel m
  5. How do you use the encryption feature? Does that work on just PDF's or notes as well?
  6. I use and recommend Evernote to everyone in my courses. I have a stack named School and sub-notebooks for various things like Notes for improvement, Resources/Bibliography, Research Coding, and Research Nodes just to name a few. I am able to update it with ideas on my dissertation no matter where I am. I love the app on my phone and computer. There is so much I use Evernote for.
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