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  1. I am not seeing notebook size displayed on my Evernote iPhone app (I am a Premium user). Could someone post a screenshot of where they are seeing notebook size displayed in the iPhone app? Attached is what I'm seeing.
  2. Is there a reason why you are unable to simply forward that email to your @evernote.com email address? The results is the same when I forward email to the Evernote email address. Even if I choose the "..." when viewing a note and select to "simplify formatting" or "make plain text" the note will still not wrap text reliably.
  3. This is a major problem if using Evernote mainly on iOS. Trying to copy an email from iOS Mail to Evernote results in text that will not word wrap and is thus virtually impossible to read with a long email.
  4. Is there a way to fill a shape using Evernote's annotation tools?
  5. But wait, if what May is saying is correct (and it looks like it is) that means the only way to increase text size in the Evernote app is by zooming the entire screen, which leads to a usability nightmare for the app (just try getting things done when using zooming - it is not pleasant vs the standard experience) while it is zoomed (which would presumably have to me most of the time while reading/interacting with text). So, this really isn't a solution in my opinion. I really hope that Evernote adds the option for at least a minimum font size in the future. I use my iPad with a keyboard, and being a little farther away from the iPad the default font size is definitely smaller than preferred.
  6. I want to annotate screenshots, and need to be able to create a text box that has a filled background for enhanced readability when I place the text box over a screenshot. Is there a way to do that in Skitch?
  7. I am also experiencing the issue where if some text is bold when I paste (in this case, from TextEdit on 10.6), all of the pasted text is bold. Is this going to be fixed? Thanks.
  8. Would this mean that I wouldn't be able to access it with the iPhone version either? Because that is the main reason I am switching to Evernote...to be able to use my notes with my iPhone. So, the question remains: is Evernote (in the entirety of its web/mobile/desktop versions) suitable to store passwords, and if so can I use the regular version or should I use the paid version?
  9. Hi, I have just started using Evernote, and would like to use it as a replacement for Yojimbo for Mac, since I really need to have web/iPhone access to my notes. One thing I would like to (possibly) transfer into Evernote is my various website passwords. I know that Evernote is not built specifically for this, but I would like to ask if it would be a good/bad idea to use Evernote in this way. I also realize that Evernote has 2 different security types: "standard" (whatever that is) and the some sort of SSL for the paid version. I would love a breakdown over whether using Evernote for passwords is a good idea, and whether i should upgrade to the paid version if so. Thank you!
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