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  1. I've been reading this thread with a growing sense of foreboding, which has in turn created a growing rage, and finally, resignation (literally). I've been using EN since 2008 on Mac, Windows and iOS - but mainly on a Mac. It's never been been feature-level across all platforms but has been a joy to use - until now. I have a very slick (IMHO) GTD workflow that works for me. It involves using tags and only really works because I can see a lot of information on a small screen. The release of 10 has blown that out of the water because of a UI designed for 5yr-olds and loss of features.
  2. I use use custom views that display the result of searches based on tags extensively. In previously releases, updating the tags on a note caused the view to update. Thus, if I removed the tag used by the view, the note would dissapear. I would use this all the time to only display notes that need action. Since the updgrade to 10.5.7 (from a pre-10 version), this does not happen and has completely dusrupted a carefully designed workflow. I am very unhappy.
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