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  1. I've started getting this as well. Like the OP said, you find a tag by doing a partial search, the correct tag appears but when you click on it, the partial string gets entered. This is on Windows
  2. I reverted to a previous version with no problem. I think it highlights how the balance of power has changed in the software product world. I did a blog post about this over on my website at http://www.businesscontinuityuk.net/mobile-apps/automatic-software-updates-can-seriously-damage-your-health Gareth
  3. Sorry, guys Your new version sucks! It may have some new features that some people will like but its basic functionality is a retrograde step: on the Mac anyway. Instead of having a high productivity layout where I can see a column of notebooks, tags and quick searches on the LHS I now have a navigator pane with several features I never use. (Ok I can switch them off) To get to another notebook is now two clicks instead of one To get to a tag is considerably more laborious. Instead of having a nice compact list of tags: each now takes up the space of 3 in the previous design; they're separated by letters of the alphabet (why????) and it now takes several page downs to reach a particular tag. The tags have lost their hierarchy: something I make extensive use of. I can't find my quick searches. The UI generally reminds me of a crayon layout like Windows XP rather than the slick layout of Mac OS X. One question: How do I revert to version 4 Gareth Very dissatisfied
  4. Bit late I know, but I am curious to know why you might want to do this? Dropbox is a way to sync files between computers whilst keeping a copy in the Cloud. Evernote has exactly the same functionality built in. As far as I can see, you don't gain anything by using Dropbox in conjunction with Evernote. Am I missing something? Gareth
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