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  1. I concur completely. The visual clutter makes the list feel crowded and impedes a quick review. I would love to remove the "Add new task" that sits in line with each entry and add a single Add new task in a single location.
  2. Thanks for sharing this @DTLow. Does anyone know if Evernote has added the ability to use keyboard shortcuts to move bullets up and down a list (Mac or iOS)? Does anyone know if it is on the roadmap (silly question, I know, but there are people "in the know" here). Thanks!
  3. I see my events on my Google Calendar using Cronofy. All reminders will show up on a designated calendar that you can toggle on and off. It syncs both ways so I can modify it on my Google Calendar and see the adjustment in Evernote. Works well for me to see my reminders in context with other events. Hope this helps.
  4. As a user, I would like to create all-day reminders by toggling the time feature on or off (similar to many other task, calendar or note applications). There are many ways to use this including a "tickler" file and a list of sequenced tasks in a project, to name a few. I think it would be really great when syncing with Cronofy so a user could see evernote information (tasks, notes, etc) in the selected Google Calendar without cluttering the hourly schedule. Thanks for considering.
  5. Evernote's updates tend to put me out of commission for several days. Does anyone on this forum have a suggestion for a note app that has the following. - Links to notes - Reminders - Tags
  6. The ability to sort the entire reminders list is great. Thanks for that. I echo the rest of the group's desire to have a more robust reminders feature. Evernote would be the "one app to rule them all" if it nails the reminder features that everyone is asking for. Thanks for listening.
  7. Oops - 26PH figured this out above. Thanks! This makes a huge difference in how I use Evernote from now on. Nice work EN! I like the new UI - very simple, easy to use. Much better for my large fingers. Question: Is there a way to order reminders by date on the iOS app? It seems like an intuitive feature but I can't seem to make it happen. I keep a reminders shortcut but they can only be ordered by name, date created, or date updated. Am I missing something? Thanks for the help.
  8. I would also like the ability to view the main window on one-half of a laptop screen (in my case, a MacBook Air). This would allow me to use the other half of the screen for browsers and other apps. Thanks.
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