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  1. Jefito and DTLow - As Super Gurus I am sure you intend to be helpful. Thanks. All comments are welcome and open minds solve problems. Thanks for sharing your part of the story.
  2. I am planning to limit my use of Evernote as I keep running into bugs that don't seem to get attention (bullet formatting, etc). However, I would like to offer my thoughts on what could truly make Evernote a compelling productivity app for me and many others. I hope this helps someone, somewhere: Evernote would be much more awesome to those looking to use fewer productivity apps if the following were available: If it could reorder notes manually within lists (similar to trello) If it had keyboard shortcuts to reorder lists and outlines in a note (similar to workflowy, onenote, others) If card view had easy to read data in a predictable format on the front of the card (similar to trello) If reminders were easier to create, modify, update, and delete (especially in mass like most task apps) If reminders could be all-day events and show in Google calendar that way (using Cronofy) Looking forward to seeing what others think.
  3. As a user, I would like to create all-day reminders by toggling the time feature on or off (similar to many other task, calendar or note applications). There are many ways to use this including a "tickler" file and a list of sequenced tasks in a project, to name a few. I think it would be really great when syncing with Cronofy so a user could see evernote information (tasks, notes, etc) in the selected Google Calendar without cluttering the hourly schedule. Thanks for considering.
  4. Evernote's updates tend to put me out of commission for several days. Does anyone on this forum have a suggestion for a note app that has the following. - Links to notes - Reminders - Tags
  5. The ability to sort the entire reminders list is great. Thanks for that. I echo the rest of the group's desire to have a more robust reminders feature. Evernote would be the "one app to rule them all" if it nails the reminder features that everyone is asking for. Thanks for listening.
  6. Oops - 26PH figured this out above. Thanks! This makes a huge difference in how I use Evernote from now on. Nice work EN! I like the new UI - very simple, easy to use. Much better for my large fingers. Question: Is there a way to order reminders by date on the iOS app? It seems like an intuitive feature but I can't seem to make it happen. I keep a reminders shortcut but they can only be ordered by name, date created, or date updated. Am I missing something? Thanks for the help.
  7. I just noticed this bug as well. It makes using stacks unreliable for my purposes.
  8. I agree with this feature request. The iPhone view shows time for today's reminders. It makes it much more useful as a task application. It would be great to apply this UI to the Mac version. Thanks.
  9. I would also like the ability to view the main window on one-half of a laptop screen (in my case, a MacBook Air). This would allow me to use the other half of the screen for browsers and other apps. Thanks.
  10. jbenson2, Thanks for the helpful reply. I do the same as you - switch views. I was hoping there was a checkbox somewhere to change the behavior of that column. Guess I can suggest it to the Evernote folks.
  11. Does anyone know if there is a way to remove the date and notes preview from the 'notes title' column Snippet View? I like the vertical columns but would like to eliminate everything but the title. The final view would look like the List View but in the vertical tile layout. Thanks for the help.
  12. I agree. A true hierarchical tag system would be great. This is how many task management tools work and I was hoping this was how Evernote worked. The workarounds are helpful in the meantime. Thanks!
  13. Great responses, thank you both. JohnT - if I understand you correctly, you add the parent tag to the child entry as well. So, for example, you would have an entry with: "Take picture of empire state building" tagged with 'location' and 'ny'. Not just a single tag of 'ny'. Is that correct?
  14. Hi, I would like to know if there is a way to set the following evernote behavior: Select a parent tag to see all nested tags. Example: If I have a Tag named A, with three tags named 1,2, and 3, then selecting Tag "A" would bring up all records that are tagged with "1", "2", or "3". This behavior, similar to OmniFocus, would be great in reviewing all tags associated under a parent tag. It would also make it much easier to set up saved searches on nested tags on the iPhone version (different forum I know). Thanks for listening.
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