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  1. Great to hear that Jack! Since you mentioned it, I've seen some activity on the Chromium project that tells me that Chrome should be 64bit on Mac soon too.
  2. Any idea if we will soon have a 64bit version of Evernote for Mac? I have asked about this before... http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/31190-evernote-5-public-beta-2/page-2#entry169654
  3. I really like the new version and hope that the UI will evolve to meet most users needs. Any reason for not making this new version a 64bit app, or at least give users that choice?
  4. I am having the same issue. Both my Evernote account password and the previous forum password, none of them work to change the display name. Also, it is not possible to reset the password saying the current password is invalid.
  5. Not sure if you had tried the latest update for the FF extension that now supports the FF4 RC. https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefo ... b-clipper/ We've noted the request for keyboard shortcuts. Thanks. I have, thank you! Althought I do think it is a step a back...
  6. Anyone? It is actually a rather simple request (although maybe not so simple to implement...)
  7. I would like to propose as a feature request the addition of a keyboard shortcut to the Safari clipper context menu options "Add webpage to Evernote" and "Add webpage to Evernote as PDF". Seems unbelievable that no one as ever asked for this. If the context menu options are simply added to Safari's main menus, it might be possible to define shortcuts using Mac OS X Keyboard preference panel. Besides being useful on a daily use of the clipper, for users of other browsers that do not have the "Add page to Evernote as PDF" option, like Firefox or Chrome, this would help in creating a workflow, applescript or hack to overcome this (and there are many requests for this!) Right now, creating an applescript to transfer a URL from Firefox, open Safari and clip the page as PDF is slow because it has to be done with GUI scripting. Please consider this, because clipping from the web is impossible using the Firefox extension in 4.0 beta and the Print/Save PDF to Evernote is slow and gives awful notes.
  8. I have suggested this several times and I think it will make browsing tags much, much easier. Restricting the tags that are shown to the ones present in the current notebook is a much needed feature to those who have a large number of tags. I hope it comes to the Mac version soon. The one thing I belive you should focus next, that Kevin mentioned, is on leverging your features across all platforms. I still can't understand how I have to go in to the web interface to share a notebook because my Mac desktop doesn't allow it. And how about ink on Mac?
  9. I also need this feature. Desperately. Tags alone don't work for me. I think tags don't give the kind of organizing that folders provide. When you search by tags, you know the tag you are searching for...because you know what kind of content you need, and the tags describe it. but what if you don't know what content you want? Sometimes you navigate a hierarchy of subjects you previous entered and you end up finding what you want. You go by levels of a reduced number of options and that makes it fast to browse. Currently, if I tag all my notes I will end up with so many, but so many different tags on the list on the sidebar that I'll be scrolling forever to find what I want sometimes. One thing that might be easy to do and could REALLY help people who want folders would be an option to restrict the tags available in the tags list of the sidebar to those that exist in the currently visible notes. For example, if I select notebook "Personal", the list of tags would only display the tags used in personal notes, hiding all the tags used in my other notes in the notebooks "Work A", "Work B", etc. Then, if i add the tag [Home], it would only display the tags used in notes inside the notebook Home and with the tag [Home]. That will help all users navigate using tags, and provides kind of a tags/foldering hybrid system to those who prefer the folder hierarchy, if they want.
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