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  1. Well I just switched to Nimbus - https://nimbusweb.me/ - imported all my notes from evernote and its $25 a year instead of $100 or whatever I was paying... the thing is if evernote would have beefed up their security and just kept updating the old app I would have stayed but for whatever reason they want to kill their own product, cya
  2. 10.1 still too slow to reliably use, what a joke this is!!!! I want a refund for this year, I'm not paying for this *****! How do I get the old Evernote back?? This is bullshit!!!!
  3. Slow, unusable, not syncing, creating conflicts in notes, iOS 14.1 on iPhone 8 plus. 10.0.4 app --- the old evernote 8 or whatever worked just fine, was stable, fast and did what it was supposed to, its very disappointing that you subject us paying members to this, these issues should all be worked out before the software is released, very very unprofessional
  4. I have an iPhone 7 Plus & 6 Plus and it seems the solution to all my slow herky jerky Evernote v8 woes is to delete the app, power off iphone, back on, reinstall evernote app, sign back in and wait for it to sync. Also helps to change the list options to Small, uncheck images, body text too. This is a pain in the arse that I have to do this every update but it does seem to fix the 5-10 sec freeze issue when opening the app every time. Not sure what the devs are having Evernote try and do when it first loads, I can tell that it's trying to sync but who knows what else. -Premium User since 2009.
  5. So I removed the app, powered off iphone, back on, reinstalled app and it's working much better
  6. Seems to be working better after removing the app, restarting iphone, reinstalling evernote app
  7. Same here 8.0.2 is slow.....every time I start the app there is a 5 second delay before I can tap a note or open anything, same thing happens when closing a note. 7 was much more responsive.
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