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  1. Hi GaZumped. Thanks for your reply. I think the issue comes down to the clipping feature ONLY working when I have the EVERNOTE application on my computer opened at the same time when I'm clipping. I remember being successful clipping in the past using the clipping feature on my browser that's available whether or not I have the program application on my computer open or closed. I've also tried to save clipped items when I have the web version open at the same time as the clipper feature, but it won't save it there either UNLESS I have the EVERNOTE computer application open as well. This didn't use to be the case when I was using the free version. Valerie
  2. Hi, Hope you all are well. I have a MacPro Laptop running High Sierra 10.13.6 using Chrome. Everything has been going well with using the Evernote Clipping function to clip things from the web for my company. I was using the free version. After I updated to the paid premium (non business), web pages I clip and save aren't showing up (not on web version, nor on computer application). It's not worth the upgrade price if I can't use this feature since I share notes with a team (including 4 student interns) working with me on film & TV projects. A solution would be great! Thanks. Valerie
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