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  1. As a loyal (so far...) premium user I have decided to stick with the "legacy" version as long as I am not forced to update. UNTIL / IF the new "experience" version is fixed to be somewhat usable. Let's see. I'm not holding my breath.
  2. Use case: ability to clip a portion of web-page, store that as Evernote note and the note (page contents) updates without re-clipping page content IF source content changed So in addition to current functionality, the once clipped and saved contents updates from web-source when note re-freshed / updated WITHOUT the need of re-clipping.
  3. One correction; seems to work in Chrome release, but NOT in Canary builds.
  4. In latest Chrome (release) and Chrome Canary (dev builds) on Windows 10, web clipper (7.1.13) has stopped working - haven't worked for several weeks for me. E.g. when selecting contents from web page to be clipped to with web-clipper: 1st flashes "Login success" dialog from Evernote > then nothing happens for 1-2 sec > after that Error dialog (see attachment ewc) And when trying to go to Web Clipper settings through browser > another "error" (see attachment ewc2) I haven't changed any settings in Chrome / Web clipper. How to fix?
  5. Re-visited the tagging approach and my new way of working on "Shortcuts" is as follows: For "important/interesting but not now" I continue using the ToC approach For "needs attention now" I took the #tag's into use (like the dynamic approach!) Huuray to Evernote forumers! //timo
  6. Thx @gazumped - tried those as well. The saved search nor the tagging didn't work quite for me. However, I actually figured following solution for me: Created "Current Items" notebook In there created separate notes eg. "Working items", "Hobby items" etc. Each note (= category) then consists of titles which are actually Evernote internal links. Ta-daa! I can even then have separate titles for those (compared to as the saved note-title in Evernote). Suits perfect for now!
  7. I use Evernote for many things: food recipes, work, hobbies, invoices... well, I think many of us do :) Recently I have been starting to utilize the "Shortcuts" feature to quickly access my most important/frequently needed Notes... well, I think many of us do :) The way I would like to have my "Shortcuts" is to have sub-categories e.g. Shortcuts > Food to faster locate my shortcuts. I have a few thousand notes and 50+ Shortcuts currently... Is there such feature currently and do others find that this could be useful as feature request? //timo
  8. So far, so good with the version (what comes to the Fatal Error), great that it's been solved.
  9. Yea, it's know issue by the EN engineering staff and fix is WIP. However, just wanted to point out in my previous post on this thread, that implementing somekind of server-side notification on systems impacted would be much appreciated from UX point of view.
  10. Valued Evernote Team, With regards to this (and similar) fatal error notification, it would be great if Evernote would implement kind of "server side" notifications (or what ever technical term is appropriate) for end users. Meaning, upon launch of Evernote app, it does a quick check (yes, internet connection required) e.g. for KNOWN errors like this > echoes a user-friendly notification to end-user(s) screen like "OOPPPSSSSSS, we have *rewed up, there's a know issue in Evernote for xyz <Error> and it seems you are impacted. Fear not, we are aware of this and a fix is on it's way. Details <link to error> and workaroud <link>". By having such implementation in place: 1) It would greatly decrease the amount of un-necessary inquiries (= les workload) 2) It would be very good customer service and increase customer satisfaction 3) It would be easier to follow (and react upon); now people are trying to do ("fixes") something that has no real impact. Regards, Timo
  11. Actually, now I remember where they are visible: In the mobile client Would still love them to work as I described. But this (as many others) are a matter of personal taste. //timo
  12. Truly, honestly, the most logical place for seeing/listing all the Reminders would be the "Left Panel" as separate Drop-down item (see attached image). I am 95% sure it was there at some point, but now I can not remember HOW to make that happen... I'm running version (307027) on Windows 10. Is it a bug, my imagination or just incompetence? //t
  13. Thx. Got instructions from Evernote support to un-install and re-install. After that, Evernote started working just fine. Was a temporary hick-up for some weird app-cache (?) issues. Problem solved, case closed. //T
  14. On my OnePlus5 phone (with Android 8.1) with latest Evernote version (7.17.1) Evernote does not LAUNCH. App loading stops at the "Evernote" start-up screen with the elephant. Does not go further. I have tried clearing Evernote app cache > no help. Internet connection and other apps working OK on my phone. Evernote is working OK on my account e.g. from Web and Windows clients.
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