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  1. Hate the rodent. Having to take my hands off the keyboard makes me at least 4x less productive. The webclipper works great if I click on the button installed in Firefox (OS X). Is there a hotkey I could use so as not have to click the thing?
  2. This has nothing to do with size. I'm getting a sync error. I posted a new topic in the Mac forum to see if anyone knows what could be causing this error all of a sudden.
  3. I scanned an 11 MB pdf and it has not synced. Other notes that I have made after adding the scan have synced fine. I have a premium account. Isn't the size limit per note 25 MB? If so, any idea why my scanned pdf didn't sync?
  4. Got the scanner installed yesterday. As in all things Mac, everything just works. Did a few experiments with local notebooks, do OCR or not, etc. I found that letting the ScanSnap supplied software do the OCR is just painful. Scan and wait several minutes before it finished before I could scan again. It quickly became obvious that I needed a premium account (I knew it was coming, just a matter of time. The more I throw into Evernote, the more I want to put into Evernote). So the procedure that I've settled on is that everything just gets scanned directly to Evernote. If you watch the ScanSnap videos, that's exactly how it works. Put up to 50 pages into the scanner, hit the scan button, and it very quickly gets scanned and added to Evernote, who then syncs it and does the OCR in the background, and on the next sync, I can search for words in the scanned document. I can scan just as fast as the scanner can suck through paper - and that's pretty quick. Today I empty my filing cabinet!
  5. I ordered one and it should be here this week. I'm trying to plan how I'm going to use it to get rid of a lot of paper around here. I'd be interested in hearing other people's organization schemes. Does the 1500M produce OCR'd PDFs, or do I have to run it through something like Acrobat first? Since I'm on a Mac, Spotlight searches PDF's, so my first thoughts are to only put in Evernote the stuff I want to see on multiple devices. Research notes would be handy on my iPhone, but last year's phone bill - not so much.
  6. Thank you. I only have one notebook (so far) so never faced that decision. Now that I know about it, I can think of some uses for a local notebook.
  7. Second, I don't know about after you've exceeded your upload limit but I know when you start to get close, yes you can add notes to local folders. Then as you get closer to the end of the cycle, you can add them to sync'd folders so you can use up as much of your allocated amount as possible. Had you known this by researching, then you could have continued to add receipts to your local folders. Good luck.
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