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  1. I'm thrilled that the crazy 'stacks of folders' version is gone in favor of a slight return to a sidebar navigation. I am still bothered/confused by decisions that the Evernote team makes: - Nested tags: desktop and web version has them, ios does not. Over the years I've created tons of tags nested into categories. These are useless on ios. Evernote should be one system, not different systems on different devices. - in the same vein, I finally gave in to the new paradigm (after spending most of the last year in Clever HD) and created a whole mess of shortcuts for my most used nested tags. The new sidebar has shortcuts 2 clicks away. Better than nothing, I suppose, but 2 clicks does not a shortcut make. I wonder if there are actual productivity/efficiency experts on the Evernote staff? They seem very keen on adding, rearranging 'features' while making the product more difficult to use for its intended purpose. That said. It's till the most comprehensive product of its kind, and I've been looking, hard, for replacements.
  2. ah! perfect. Of course it would be nice to have the same workflow everywhere, but this works great. thanks. -mat
  3. Hi there. I'm adjusting to Evernote from Google Notebook. Evernote is definitely a more featured app, but there are workflow behaviors to alter. anyway. At work I use the Firefox button to clip to Evernote, the little window pops up and I enter the info. Works great. But at home, where I've got the Mac App installed, the button insists on opening the application, which is a pain, takes too long, has a different clipping interface (clunkier I think), and I don't want to work in the Evernote app right now, thanks. I don't see the option to turn off the app launch anywhere. any ideas? thanks a bunch -mad
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