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  1. Actually, there is an extension for Opera, called miniEvernote, which makes the comment seem a little odd. Sadly, the extension has left out some basic functionality that I am used to from Firefox (creating a note from selected text) in favour offering unsolicited and unwanted Colorstache function. EN has always been a bit of odd one, but I had started using it again with Firefox, but now it seems I will have to give it up again (Firefox is a resource hog) now that I have moved to Opera. Maybe I just haven't found it, but my experience this time mirrors previous usage...I am always left with the feeling that EN might be not be listening to its user base. A bit of a shame really...fortunately, I hadn't started relying on EN for storage. As with any free at the point of use software, I am not whinging. I am always grateful to those provide things for free. But, I shall pretty much stop using EN for the important things...for me to use it, it needs to offer what I need (which is not that onerous, really), rather than constraining how I work. Sorry. /shrug
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