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  1. I'm new to the forums and relatively new to GTD. Maybe I'm thinking too simple, but I like things simple I use a ticklers as follows: 1 Tickler noteboot called: Tickler. In this notebook I store my ticklers/reminders so they are out of my main ToDo notebook. I change the Created date of a tickler note to the date I want to be reminded (these can be set to future dates). 1 Saved search in my shortcuts called: Tickler, which is a search: -created:day+1 This will show all Tickler notes with creation date before tomorrow; which is today and all previous. The creation date also allows me to sort nicely by date Yes, you can also use the Evernote reminders for this, but I want to use those only for tasks, so an Evernote reminder is something that needs to be done.
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