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  1. Since upgrading to Evernote for Mac 7.2, the application opens an extra window on each launch. If I open and quit with the two windows open, when I launch it again it restores the two windows and launches a third! Anyone else seeing this? Until I get a fix, I’m going to have to keep closing that extra window every time I launch Evernote on my Mac.
  2. Hmm, having read over the feedback on the Markdown support that was in Beta 1, I do agree with your decision to remove it. Supporting just a small subset of Markdown formatting language as shortcuts for applying rich text formatting that immediately loses its Markdown semantics is not really a win, since all of these formatting commands are already available as keyboard shortcuts. I’m happy to keep using Sublime Text’s Evernote package to round-trip Markdown notes, and leave the door open to more fully-baked Markdown support in future (perhaps tied to a Semantic Editing).
  3. Removed inline markdown-inspired formatting. Aww noo! This was the change I was most excited about in these new betas. I can totally see how these shortcuts would interfere with users who use the app in certain ways, but for others (myself included) they were a huge boon! Any chance of having Markdown-style formatting as an (off by default) power user option in Preferences?
  4. Yes please! I want to be able to scan a bill into Evernote and then create an OmniFocus task that points to it as needing to be paid.
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