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  1. Thanks for feedback. These days I basically live on web apps for work and personal productivity stuff, and I am sure a ton of people out there do the same. I cannot imagine Google/Salesforce/NetSuite (or similar) saying you cannot relay on the web app, you are better off installing an app in your PC. I am conscious there will always be glitches/hiccups, and I embrace that, if I loose 5 minutes of work once or twice in 5 years it is not a big deal(even better if a bug-report can be created on the spot). If I see strange/inconsistent behaviour (a few times in one year) that cannot be investigated and I lose 25 minutes work each time, that is very scary, no idea if it is a bug, security issue etc and no apparent way to debug/trace/recover. BTW I got a note called "Conflict <Original note title>" and later it was magically renamed "Original note title" so I ended up with 2 notes called the same, one of them is an inconsistent old version within the 25 minutes updates that strangely disappear. What worries me the most is the inability to investigate what happened and the possibility of it happening again, wondering how much of a problem this may be for other users.
  2. Hello all I am using Chrome(80.0.3987.149 (Official Build)) to do my notes, I moved from mu note to another window for 3 minutes, then came back to my note and: 1) changes /I made within the last 25 minutes are gone, LOST! the notes seemed to revert to its old state 2) one image that was at the bottom of the page is now inside a table (cell where I wrote simple text in the last 25 minutes) It is almost as if someone messed up with this note, but it does not seem like I can look at the history of events if the note was created from a browser. Has anyone seen this strange behaviour when using the browser? loosing note changes (out of nowhere) or suddenly seeing changes you did not make??? Does anyone now how to debug/look at the versions/history of events for a note when using the web client? is that possible? Thanks very much indeed A
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