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  1. I don't get the point about the topic of the tutorial I was following and the sync problem that occurs but anyway... it was a series of YouTube video talking about Apache Cassandra. Inside the note I had screenshots, a bit of formatted code, that's it. I've found the folder containing the local data (maintain option key, the Help > Troubleshooting ). I can imagine that the notes are in the content directory and that there's a snippet.txt to get an overview. Unfortunately, I don't think I could find another copy of the lost notes if there are not present in local or in t
  2. Hi, I've created 3 notes when following a Cassandra tutorials and I can only find 1 (. Cassandra (1/3) but can't find Cassandra (2/3) nor Cassandra (3/3). I've worked a couple of hours on this so if someone could do something that'll be great. Activity log filtered on Cassandra (2/3) ******** * The Activity Log may contain information about your account and notes. * For example, the titles of some of your notes may be mentioned in this log file. * When providing log information, feel free to edit the file to remove anything * you do not want to send us. ******
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