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  1. Hey Dave, thank you for the reply. Yes, you are right. Even inserting the link of another note is enough to mess up the thumbnail. I've tried Snipped before. But in addition to the thumbnail being so small that I can't visualize, it also crops the top part of the pdf, removing the most important part of the article -- the title. I wish I could still use the "icon exhibition" without these problems. But thank you anyway!
  2. I’m a PhD student and use Evernote mainly to store my notes and my references — mostly scientific articles attached as pdf. To make it more visual and help me to identify them easily, I like to set the note visualization in the articles notebook as "icon exhibition" (direct translation from my language). If the note has only the pdf attached to it, it will behave as I want, with the note thumbnail being the pdf’s first page. However, if I type anything in the note, no matter if it is below or above the file, the note’s thumbnail will be a image displaying only the text and a small icon or no information will be displayed at all. I hope I made myself clear. Any idea on how to proceed? Thank you,
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