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  1. 2 minutes ago, DTLow said:

    This seems to be a contradiction to the term "All"

    Think of it like how Apple's Photos works, particular the in-app Photos tab.

    It's a chronological list of all your photos, but any that you've marked as "Hidden" (an option in the bottom row of the share sheet) don't appear there. You have to visit Albums > Hidden to see them.

    Maybe we could even apply that idea here. In the settings area of each notebook (with options to keep offline, or add to shortcuts), there could be a "Hidden" toggle. If enabled, the notebook's contents don't appear in All Notes or search, only when viewing that notebook directly. 

  2. As I use Evernote for iOS much more often for bookmarking and web archiving now, the inability to create new tags from the app extension has become a significant obstacle. Could you update the app extension so that we can create new tags + search on the fly? If we search and find an existing tag, great, we tap it. If we don't find an existing tag, the app extension could offer or give us a visual indicator that it will create a new tag once we save the note.

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  3. One of my uses for Evernote is bookmarking and arching web pages. But I usually want to see those notes, bookmarks, and archives only when I venture into that notebook to find something; I don't want to see those notes in All Notes and I don't want them surfacing in search.

    Could you give us a way to designate a notebook's contents to be hidden from All Notes, and ideally search as well?

    FWIW, I am nearly 100% iPad (and iPhone) these days. My MacBook is usually on a shelf.

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