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  1. Premium featre: "Troubleshooting an issue? Your support requests skip to the head of the queue and get priority response." Evernote isn't seriuos company. I stop my subscription, uninstall app. Buy evernote...there are a tons of similar app on the market. (New home screen doesn't bring any value, it is only cosmetic)
  2. I've opened official service case 8-days ago as a premium user. Until now ANY response - no comment.
  3. ... And after some time back to v10 again ... and than in case of other issue go back to pre V10... such approach not convince me. Additionally I reported this issue on September 18, and after two months you recommend me to go back to pre V10. Shortcuts are not a big deal and if the team can't solve this problem for two months the question is about more serious problems and new features.
  4. After almost 20 days no patch for this critical issue? I paid for it but because this issue I can't use Evernote for such a long time. Support where are you?
  5. Hi, The new version on windows app is very cool but because of lack of possibility to edit default shortcuts I can't use this app in polish keyboard. In polish we use the same shortcut for polish character e.g. Alt+N -> "ń" , but instead of "ń" I open new note in evernote.
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