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  1. so, in short, the new 'share' button is now the person with the + sign.... go figure
  2. Ha... just looked at the manual. If to print you need to look into manual there is something REALLY long with the app's usability. Manual says: iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch To print a single note: Open the note you would like to print Tap the share button (person with plus (+) sign) then tap More sharing options > Share outside of Evernote then tap the Print button. ---- just saying but that is a 4 tap process just to open the print menu??? wow! seems like a "share > print" function would be a groundbreaking innovation here ;)
  3. Same problem here. I used to be able to print a note via the share button, but this seems to be gone now. What gives? How to share/print a note now?
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