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  1. I hate being a pessimist, but I think it won't be fixed.BUT ... I use a Note3 and I've discovered the handwriting feature of both the Samsung and Google keyboards works pretty well. They each must learn the user's words -- similar to using, say, Swype, that gets more accurate the more you use it.
  2. The text input works well though a little slow when you have to wait for the line to move left before continuing to write. I'm sort of getting used to it, but I fear it will never quite equal what we've lost. Still, thanks for the hint.
  3. Ah! Small lack of clarity on my part. I was still on 7.9.4 when I used -- and lost -- the quick note to the screen locking. It's an easy thing, as a workaround, thing to write several quick notes, saving each during a break in the action, then cut-n-paste to make a single note when I get to my desk. The pain is not crippling ... As for the 7.8.2 problem, I have an apk that claims to be 7.8.2 which I thought to use while I waited for someone to figure out a fix for the 7.9 S-pen problem. I uninstalled 7.9.4, rebooted (hoping to clear any memories) then installed the 7.8.2 apk. Alas, the new formatting buttons appear at the bottom of a note, along with the A-menu at the top. I didn't expect that, and its existence may be related to why the S-pen does not work with the older version. So now I'm wondering what could make the new features exist after the newest version has been uninstalled.
  4. Now that I've calmed down, transcribed my recording of the meeting, and written up my report ... I have a copy of v7.8.2 I uninstalled the non-working 7.9, rebooted the Note 3, and installed 7.8.2 ... And it doesn't work either. Have I missed something?
  5. Unfortunately, they are not saved "automatically." I attended a meeting tonight at which I took notes on the proceedings. Length of the note was pretty long -- but during a lull in the action, while I was not looking, my screen locked. When I unlocked it, my note was BLANK. I tried again, taking notes, then letting the screen lock. Again a blank note. Unfortunately, if you save the note, you cannot continue editing it; you must start another note to continue taking notes. And anything you do that superseded the note; e.g. pull the notification bar down to control the recorder or to look at the email notification, also blanks the note. Color me one very unhappy long-time Evernote user. I may go back to an earlier version. That would be find, except I'll have to be very careful to avoid letting Google Play Store update the Evernote app. This was such a wonderful feature. I was spoiled. Now I'm in a position of thinking Evernote is a wonderful app ..but it won't do handwriting-to-text. And that capability is important.
  6. It's amazing that the S-pen works to "add note" from the notification bar but not creating a note the regular way. I'd never tried it because I figured the notification was just a shortcut to the Note creation buttons already available in the app. Funny it would work in one place and not the other, but this discovery does help part of my problem. I can't edit a created note with S-pen, but at least I can create one. Now I wonder whether there is a length limit to the quick note from the notification bar.
  7. I've always been frustrated by software publishers who put out an update, discover something doesn't work -- especially something as important to users as S-pen handwriting-to-text appears to be -- and then blames another publisher for the incompatibility. The feature is important to me as a journalist. It allowed me to take notes in the field which then were easily imported on the desktop to a word processing application. Suddenly, I'm back to pen and paper, followed by transcription. A major benefit of Evernote has been lost here. Evernote should make an older apk available for those of us who have come to rely on that feature.
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