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  1. I recently changed jobs, and had several shared Evernote databases in my old job that I've exported and removed from my workspace. 


    However, tags from these old shared notebooks remain in my Evernote on the Mac (not on the web) and cannot be removed. When attempting to remove an old shared tag, I get a dialog saying "Can't delete 'tag'. This tag is in a shared notebook". An option to remove the tag from all notes exists, but it still doesn't delete the tag. 


    There are solutions to this in the Windows forum that involve the use of a debug option to optimize the Evernote database, but I've never seen anything similar here. 


    Anyone have any ideas? I've got a ton of these old dead tags and I want them outta here!


    - Barry

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  2. The developers at Zendone seem to have a pretty good grasp on what needs to be done next. The key issue with them will be having resources to do everything that needs to be done in order to compete (iOS apps, Android support, etc).

    It's a great start and clearly a leap beyond other attempts that have been made to interface Evernote to GTD apps. Evernote plays a central role in Zendone vs. Nozbe and others where it simply serves as a project or task notes tool. Zendone "gets" the use of Evernote as a universal in-box. I'd echo Owyn in saying that it's not quite ready to debut yet, but I've already switched to it because it's structured so well for my workflow.

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