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  1. Hi, This problem occurred for the Evernote PC version - the latest version for Windows as of today. Today Evernote started to trigger hot-plug events for my monitor. I hope that's the correct technical term to describe it. Sporadically (but happens once or twice every 5-10 minutes) it causes the display to disconnect/connect again for no reason. Windows also gives a notification sound as if I am unplugging/plugging a USB device. Then after half an hour, when I wanted to maximize the application window, it caused a system reboot. This is the event log after the reboot: "The previous system shutdown at 17:41:56 on ‎01/‎08/‎2021 was unexpected." At first, I thought that maybe there is a problem with my Windows 11 installation as it is still in Beta preview. However, I don't have any problems with the other desktop applications but only Evernote. If I don't start it, I never have those issues. After launching the application and editing my notes, in a few minutes, it starts. I switched to the Evernote web version but wanted to give feedback about it as the technical team might want to check it. BR
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