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  1. It took 2 weeks for Evernote support to get back to me when I opened a ticket, and then they wanted detailed app logs from the event (two weeks ago!), note titles, and asked me to reproduce it again if I didn't have that data. Guess they're all having flawless iOS app usage in their own internal testing... or more likely not even trying.
  2. All the talk about "using as intended" is funny. Here's how this crazy power user with a custom workflow loses data: Open iOS app Type in some text or create an audio note Save and close the note When the data loss happens (quite frequently to me before I stopped using the app), all of the data is gone, with no history or recourse. I just have a blank note left.
  3. I had to uninstall + reinstall when this happened to me. No amount of patience helped.
  4. After 12 years, I'm bugging out. I've lost a maddening amount of content in new notes and edits over the past few weeks. The lack of concern or messaging around this type of problem from Evernote is a huge red flag for me, especially since it was reported during the beta. I can overlook a lot of things, but data loss is not on that list. I'll be sticking with the old desktop app as a repository, since I have 25k+ notes. No more new content will be added. Currently test-driving a few other approaches and trying to decide what data I will migrate out of Evernote.
  5. I've also encountered missing audio notes, but I just viewed it as a similar symptom to other issues that have been reported with content for a new note not being saved, or changes to an existing note being lost at a later sync time. During the beta, I remember losing audio notes 3 times in a row (within the same 15min span). I would finish the recording, click the check mark, and then as soon as the note was closed the file was deleted. No history to fall back on. Had to kill the app and restart it to get my 4th attempt to work.
  6. @Shane D. , This happens to me when I create or edit a note on iOS. Whenever it occurs, the content is missing by the time I close the note, and it's missing everywhere. Same behavior in the iOS beta, by the way.
  7. Right, but I already had all of the notebooks downloaded before updating the app, so that doesn’t explain the hang there.
  8. I’ll try killing the app before I add a note. In my case, the contents of the note immediately disappeared when I saved the note. I opened it right away and it was empty. No chance to copy the data.
  9. Deleted the app, reinstalled it, and logged in. Seems to hang around 98% for multiple minutes. Then I got through to the note view.
  10. I just updated to 10.0.4, and now the app will never finish loading. It just sits on the Evernote logo. I will try deleting and reinstalling the app. In general it’s really disappointing to see how much this app has regressed in features and trustworthiness. Especially with the fact that we are at risk of losing notes and having input reverted. Even with the old app bugs, I never lost any data over a 10 year period.
  11. I just lost a note’s input this morning with 10.0.3, although the occurrence rate is much lower.
  12. I have lost multiple notes that I created in the iOS app recently - same situation as you. I wrote a note, saved it, went to sleep, woke up, no trace of that note at all. It's happened 3-4 times now, to the point where I *know* I'm not imaging it.
  13. Previously I worked around the issue by putting my app in airplane mode while annotating, but that workaround no longer helps with the latest iOS and app versions.
  14. I'm even having issues annotating short documents on my iPad now. The app repeatedly crashes when I make a single annotation.
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