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  1. Hi All, I'd like to implement a specific workflow using Gmail and Evernote, but don't know if it's possible. Here's the ideal scenario... 1) Receive an email 2) Apply a specific label (say "test") 3) If the email has been labeled with "test", then I'd like to forward the email to a different email address 4) *For Extra Credit *...When forwarding the email, I'd like to append a static text string to the end of the subject line Here's what I'm wanting to accomplish with this workflow, in case anyone has an alternate suggestion... I want to use Evernote for an (alternate) Gmail Archive. If I receive an email that I want to save to Gmail, I'd like to be able to quickly apply a label ("Gmail Archive"), and then have Gmail automatically forward the email using my Evernote email address. Additionally (this is the extra credit step 4), I'd like to append "@Email Archive" as the name of my Evernote notebook, so that the email is automatically routed to the appropriate notebook. Any suggestions or alternate workarounds would be appreciated. Also also, I use Sparrow as my Gmail client. I'm assuming that any rules applied based on labels (assuming this is even possible) would work in Sparrow as well as the Gmail web client? Thanks in advance for any suggestion! David
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