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  1. I jump on BETA's. It is fun and challenging to see what works and does not. Call me demented but give me a new system, and I am going to try to break it. So Evernote had a web beta? Sign me up! I found this BETA so unworkable and lacking in features that I had to go back. While I am not a power user, I do depend on the functions that the old/current web site offers which closely mirrors the desktop client. At work I am unable to install a PC client and bringing in my own Laptop is a significant hassle. It nearly rivals the damage Google has done to the Drive pages. I want my PC pages and programs to act like a PC. I want my mobile phones to act like a full mobile version. I want my tablet apps and pages to be a hybrid of the two. My concern is this: People that use advanced systems, people who rely on tags, hierarchy, folders, and notes, people who need more than the Android App may be ditching the BETA. This will then cause the feedback for the BETA to focus on only tweaks to existing features but miss the stripped functions and therefore show a false sense of achievement (Wow we did great this week, we fixed 200 minor enhancements...hey why are there so few users now....) and miss any feedback from people who had to leave the BETA in order to remain productive.
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