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  1. I don't like clipping to client directly because I can not tag the clip at the same time. I have to open the client after clipping to add tags so that's one more operation I have to do for each clip. Moreover, It seems there's no existing tag suggestion when I add tags to a clip in client.

    There's also possibility that I forget to sync before closing client so that my latest clips won't be sync'd to the server until next time I open the client on the same machine. Using bookmarlet makes sure that the server always have the latest contents.

    On the other hand, under Linux OS where the client is running in WINE, is it possible to clip web page to the client? I haven't tried it.

    Those are the reasons that I only prefer to use bookmarklet instead of the extension.

  2. Hi, all,

    Finally, I think I find the root cause of my Evernote bookmarklet not working properly in Firefox, which I thought it was because of the upgrade of Firefox 3.5 at first. Now I narrow the problem into the upgrade of one of my extensions, Noscript upto 1.9.5.

    Before the upgrade of the extension, everything worked just fine. After the upgrade, the popup windows after hitting the bookmarklet only display 2 lines of text: Loading Clip and Close Clipper. However, after closing the clipper, the page is clipped into my notebook in use twice.

    Even I set Noscript to temporarily allow all scripts in the page I want to clip, the problem persists. However, if I disable Noscript and restart Firefox, Evernote bookmarklet works fine. When I re-enable Noscript and restart Firefox, the problem appears again.

    Evernote bookmarklet and Noscript extension are equally important to me. Is there any suggestion to resolve the problem?

  3. Is anyone else seeing this problem. I'm using FireFox 3.5 on a Mac and the bookmarklet seems to work the same as always. Can we get a little more information about the operating system and installed extensions?


    Thanks for the reply, pconstantinou.

    It seems it's not the problem with Firefox 3.5 upgrade, but probably either on Evernote end or conflicts between Evernote bookmarklet and one of my newly upgraded extensions. I experienced the problem on my WinXP SP2 work machine with Firefox 3.5, and later I saw the same thing on my Ubuntu 8.04.1 home machine with Firefox 3.0. The problem is when I clip a web page, the pop up window shows nothing but 2 line of text "Loading Clip" and "Close Clipper". After I close the clipper, the web page is actually clipped into my Evernote notebook in use, twice however.

    The following is a list of the latest extensions(some are disabled) I grabbed out from my Firefox 3.5 in WinXP SP2 work machine with help of FEBE. I'm not able to access my home machine atm but it has fewer extensions which are mostly covered in this list.

    If there's any way to debug the issue, please let me know and I can do some test.

    1. 		AdblockPlus{1.0.2}.xpi   -- Ads were yesterday!
    2. Add-onCollector{1.0.3}.xpi -- (none)
    3. BBCodeXtra{}.xpi -- Here is the place for the localized description (see your locale/bbcodextra.properties)
    4. CertViewerPlus{1.5}.xpi -- Certificate viewer enhancements: PEM format view, file export, trust configuration
    6. Cooliris{1.11}.xpi -- Cooliris transforms your browser into a full-screen 3D Wall for searching, viewing and sharing the Web.
    7. DafizillaTable2Clipboard{0.2.1}.xpi -- Allow to copy to clipboard an HTML table rows/columns selection correctly formatted
    8. ErrorZillaMod{0.35}.xpi -- Implements a useful error page when a website cannot be reached.
    9. EvernoteWebClipper{}.xpi -- Provides a button and context menus to easily add a selection or an entire page to Evernote
    10. FEBE{6.1}.xpi -- Backup your Firefox data
    11. FireGestures{1.5.1}.xpi -- Executes various commands with mouse gestures.
    12. FlashGot{}.xpi -- Enables Firefox, Mozilla Suite, Netscape and Thunderbird to handle single and massive ("all" and "selection") downloads using the most popular external download managers for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and FreeBSD (dozens currently supported, see Extension's Home Page for details). FlashGot offers also a Build Gallery functionality which helps to synthetize full media galleries in one page, from serial contents originally scattered on several pages, for easy and fast "download all".
    13. Flashblock{}.xpi -- Replaces Flash objects with a button you can click to view them.
    14. Forecastfox{}.xpi -- Get international weather forecasts and display it in any toolbar or statusbar with this highly customizable extension.
    16. GmailManager{}.xpi -- Gmail accounts management and new mail notifications.
    17. Greasefire{1.0.4}.xpi -- Automatically find Greasemonkey scripts on Userscripts.org
    18. Greasemonkey{0.8.20090123.1}.xpi -- A User Script Manager for Firefox
    19. IEView{1.4.3}.xpi -- Open pages in IE via Firefox menus
    20. ImageZoom{0.3.1}.xpi -- Adds zoom functionality for images
    21. LazarusFormRecovery{2.0}.xpi -- Recover lost forms with a single click
    22. NoScript{1.9.5}.xpi -- Extra protection for your Firefox: NoScript allows JavaScript, Java (and other plugins) only for trusted domains of your choice (e.g. your home-banking web site). This whitelist based pre-emptive blocking approach prevents exploitation of security vulnerabilities (known and even unknown!) with no loss of functionality... Experts will agree: Firefox is really safer with NoScript :-)
    23. OPIE{1.2.3}.xpi -- Import/Export extension preferences
    24. OpenOffice.orgMenu{1.2.1}.xpi -- (none)
    25. PDFDownload{}.xpi -- Allows you to choose what to do with a PDF file: download it, view it with an external viewer or view it as HTML.
    26. PersonalMenu{4.1.4}.xpi -- Create your own menu and save more space.
    28. SecureLogin{0.9.3}.xpi -- A login extension similar to Opera's Wand login
    29. TableTools{0.27}.xpi -- Sort, filter or copy any table ('ctrl+alt+click' sorts, 'ctrl+shift+click' shows filter, 'ctrl-z-click' etc. allows copying in various formats).
    30. Taboo{0.6.0}.xpi -- The cure for tabitis
    31. TextLink{3.1.2009032701}.xpi -- Allows URI texts written in webpages to be loaded by double clicks.
    32. Ubiquity{0.5pre3}.xpi -- An extension that allows for the use of dynamic commands in Firefox.
    33. WOT{20090414}.xpi -- Web of trust.
    34. Weave{0.4.0}.xpi -- Weave is the Mozilla Labs prototype for online services.
    35. Xmarks{3.1.0}.xpi -- Bookmark Sync and Web Discovery
    36. YahooMailNotifier{}.xpi -- This extension notifies you when new messages arrive in your Yahoo mailbox.
    37. Zipedia{}.xpi -- Wikipedia in a Zip file
    38. gReactions{1.0}.xpi -- Shows the conversational graph (all reactions - comments, twitts, diggs, etc.) for every conversation in Google Reader.

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