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  1. I don't like clipping to client directly because I can not tag the clip at the same time. I have to open the client after clipping to add tags so that's one more operation I have to do for each clip. Moreover, It seems there's no existing tag suggestion when I add tags to a clip in client. There's also possibility that I forget to sync before closing client so that my latest clips won't be sync'd to the server until next time I open the client on the same machine. Using bookmarlet makes sure that the server always have the latest contents. On the other hand, under Linux OS where the client is running in WINE, is it possible to clip web page to the client? I haven't tried it. Those are the reasons that I only prefer to use bookmarklet instead of the extension.
  2. Hi, all, Finally, I think I find the root cause of my Evernote bookmarklet not working properly in Firefox, which I thought it was because of the upgrade of Firefox 3.5 at first. Now I narrow the problem into the upgrade of one of my extensions, Noscript upto 1.9.5. Before the upgrade of the extension, everything worked just fine. After the upgrade, the popup windows after hitting the bookmarklet only display 2 lines of text: Loading Clip and Close Clipper. However, after closing the clipper, the page is clipped into my notebook in use twice. Even I set Noscript to temporarily allow all scripts in the page I want to clip, the problem persists. However, if I disable Noscript and restart Firefox, Evernote bookmarklet works fine. When I re-enable Noscript and restart Firefox, the problem appears again. Evernote bookmarklet and Noscript extension are equally important to me. Is there any suggestion to resolve the problem?
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