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  1. Re the spelling and web views - how come OneNote and Google Docs have no issue with this?
  2. When will the spell check underlining be fixed? Been broken for years. Praying. Thank you.
  3. Thanks but still no spell check underlining. How much longer?
  4. Hi. With each update i pray that the spell check problem will be fixed. For months now, misspellings are never underlined yet they are in every other app. Is this going to be fixed soon? I thought I read several months ago that Evernote was moving to a "common editor." It's becoming a show stopper for me. Thanks.
  5. Good to hear, but how soon until we can see a fix for the lack of visible spell check? I know autocorrect work but the lack of red squiggly lines has been missing for at least a year and it's unfortunately lead to some embarrassing typos as I share out the notes. Thanks!
  6. I realize this will get new content to sync but what I am saying is the feature is broken. Shouldn't the notes should just be there when you return to the app?
  7. Background sync updates were working under 7.0 but now seemed to have stopped under 7.0.2. I tried logging out and logging in. I also tried deleting the app and reinstalling it but I still can't get it to work. I have the Evernote option checked in background sync updates in Apple iOS 7 settings as well as push notifications for Evernote turned on. Any way to fix?
  8. That is what I meant. My workaround is to have two accounts and share certain notebooks between the two, but not others - or use the web.
  9. OK, logging out is an option too but it seems like the notes remained cached on the desktop and readable since they are HTML files.
  10. Is there a way just to have just certain notebooks sync in the latest Mac client? There are some notebooks I don't need/want on my work computer. Related, when you sign out of Evernote - a seemingly viable solution - it seems like all notes are still cached in the Library folder as HTML files so the only workaround is to use the Web version. Thanks!
  11. When I search for text inside Skitch images from the Skitch app it doesn't work. The only search I can do is for the name of a file. The web site seems to say that you can search for text inside images. (I am a Premium member too.) Any advice - other than using the native Evernote client?
  12. In Evernote 3.3 for Mac some URLs I paste in a note are not clickable while others are. There seems to be no pattern - e.g. some notes are created on iOS, others aren't. All links are clickable in the iOS clients but not in the web client. It's very random - note links created are always clickable while ones that are pasted in aren't. Seems silly to have to create links for links that have http already in them. Ideas?
  13. It seems like you can only make note links that are public pages. Is that correct?
  14. Hi. When notes are mailed into Gmail they are dark and completely unreadable. They are fine everywhere else. Know when this might be fixed? Thanks.
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