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  1. Absolutely agree with this. Please provide the ability for a note captured in Android via Google Now (e.g., note to self) to have the dictated note go in the title of the note, not just the body of the note.
  2. I've been an Evernote user for years, and the request for encrypted notebooks has been raised repeatedly. I would love to have such a feature and would be willing to pay more for it, and would gladly sacrifice the ability to have the contents of encrypted notebooks indexed and searchable. Unfortunately, I suspect that this requested feature is either extremely low priority or against Evernote's idea that everything should be searchable, and as such, I don't expect it to happen. From a certain perspective, I think not providing greater encryption capabilities is almost negligent. With such a large user base, you know that some people are storing sensitive documents and data in EN, thinking it is relatively secure (I have known such people - keep in mind that a majority of the world is not that tech sophisticated and when they see things like SSL encryption, they presume their data is always encrypted and absolutely safe). Yes, these people should know better, and providers such as EN are not required to babysit such people, but if you are aware that people are using your product in an unsecure manner, shouldn't you do something about it? Just my 2 cents.
  3. The service sounds interesting. Like everyone else, I'm concerned about security, especially financial data. Everyone is focusing on the security of the filethisfetch service. However, have you also considered the security of Evernote? You are taking some very sensative data and depositing it into Evernote, which for me is a no go. Evernote does not encrypt your documents (except for manual encryption of selected text in a specific note). Until they offer the ability to automatically encrypt anything dropped into a specific notebook, I don't think anyone should be storing financial documents in Evernote. This becomes your weakest link. I would be willing to give up indexing/searching capability on a selected notebook in Evernote, if it meant that I could have that entire notebook encrypted. Unfortunately, I doubt Evernote will ever provide such capability. It has been asked before, but nothing ever comes from it.
  4. The lack of subnotebooks continues to be my biggest disappointment in Evernote. I've been following this program since it first came out, and have tried to make it my primary note taking program. However, the lack of a multi-layer organizational system (folders/sub-notebooks/sub-notes) is a big enough problem for me that I keep going back to OneNote. I do love this program. The ability to use it on multiple platforms (windows, mac, iphone) and automatically sync your notes between them is fantastic. I believe this is Evernote's strongest feature. Furthermore, I'm a firm believer in the need for a tagging system and good searching capabilities in a note program. However, I find searching and the use of tags to only be useful some of the time. Other times, you just need the ability to organize all of your notes in something other than a simple one-level structure. Looking at all the requests for folders/sub-notebooks on this forum, and the admins' responses, it appears that this is a relatively low priority feature, which is too bad, because I would be more than willing to spend some money on Evernote if such a feature would be implemented. Until then, I'm stuck with OneNote (which I've already spent a lot of money on for 2003 then the 2007 version) and its inability to easily sync and use across different platforms (it's possible, just not nearly as easy and elegant as Evernote). On the plus side, a couple of days ago it was announced that someone is working on a OneNote application for the iphone (not just concept, they are supposedly soliciting beta testers in the next couple of days), which would definitely help on the sync aspect. My plea to Evernote - please seriously consider implementing folders/sub-notebooks. Thanks
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