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  1. Absolutely agree with this. Please provide the ability for a note captured in Android via Google Now (e.g., note to self) to have the dictated note go in the title of the note, not just the body of the note.
  2. Consider this another request for displaying reminders in list view on Windows desktop. I work in both Windows and Mac environments, and it is incredibly frustrating to not have reminders displayed in list view on Windows. I don't understand the logic behind displaying reminders in snippet and card view, but not list view.
  3. Commenting on the original post, I would LOVE the ability to create a note that consolidates all of the unchecked todo items from all other notes, with that note just showing the first line of the todo item. This would be a killer feature. I'm going to presume that Evernote will never create such a feature, but I would pay money for a third party to create a well-integrated solution. I know you can create a search that identifies all of the notes with unfinished todos. However, this is a far less elegant solution. I typically have notes that contain 20-100 lines of text, with only one line representing a todo item. Instead of having to scroll through each note to find the todo item, the proposed solution would let you quickly see all of your todo items. The new reminders feature is nice, but does nothing with respect to above. I see it as just another way to identify a note that requires some action (e.g., has a todo item in it), but you are still forced to open that note and go through all of it to find the todo item.
  4. I've been an Evernote user for years, and the request for encrypted notebooks has been raised repeatedly. I would love to have such a feature and would be willing to pay more for it, and would gladly sacrifice the ability to have the contents of encrypted notebooks indexed and searchable. Unfortunately, I suspect that this requested feature is either extremely low priority or against Evernote's idea that everything should be searchable, and as such, I don't expect it to happen. From a certain perspective, I think not providing greater encryption capabilities is almost negligent. With such a large user base, you know that some people are storing sensitive documents and data in EN, thinking it is relatively secure (I have known such people - keep in mind that a majority of the world is not that tech sophisticated and when they see things like SSL encryption, they presume their data is always encrypted and absolutely safe). Yes, these people should know better, and providers such as EN are not required to babysit such people, but if you are aware that people are using your product in an unsecure manner, shouldn't you do something about it? Just my 2 cents.
  5. How? I can't seem to get this to work, given that ENML is read-only. I second this request, how do we get this to work?
  6. I agree, it is too bad that EN is not inclined to implement such a feature. I think it really needs to have an option to encrypt/password protect an entire notebook. I understand that if this were to happen, that you couldn't search that notebook. I think that is a fair trade off for some additional security when you need it. I read a lot of posts where people are storing relatively sensitive notes on EN, which I think is always a mistake to save such documents online unless you use encryption. Unfortunately, the current workarounds for securing a note in EN is just too cumbersome (e.g., encrypting text in individual notes, or uploading individual encrypted files). I know EN is against doing anything that prevents universal search across all notes, but they should really consider how their customer base is using their tool, and consider providing some options that promote safer use of EN.
  7. Another +1. We have been waiting for a vertical list view for the Mac for quite some time. I don't understand why they decided to make it available to Windows but not Mac. As Nightstalker said, screens are wider than they are tall, this requested view would make better use of the screen.
  8. Unfortunately, I don't experience the same thing. I can set the clipper to use the web client or the desktop client, but in either case, images are NOT included in the clipped article or webpage. Very strange. Using clipper 5.4 and Firefox 17.0.1.
  9. See the following topic, which is also recent. It deals with the same issue.
  10. Evernote, please fix this issue. This is becoming a significant problem. I need to use Firefox because of certain add-ons, but without a functional EN clipper, Evernote usefulness is significantly decreased. Thanks,
  11. I've also been experiencing the above problem since upgrading to Evernote 5. Clipping in Firefox (17.0.1) with Clipper (5.4) results in a loss of formatting and images. However, clipping via Chrome continues to work as expected. Very frustrating, especially since I prefer to use Firefox most of the time.
  12. Please allow saved searches to be put in the side bar. I heavily relied on being able to click on a saved search in the top bar to quickly run that search, and having to access them through the search bar drop down seems far less efficient. I believe it was mentioned before, but if not, when you are browsing in a specific notebook, please highlight the notebook in the side bar (whether it be in the notebooks list or a notebook shortcut). When viewing notes in snippet view, the snippet displays what notebook that note is in only if that snippet is selected. It would be nice if all the snippets displayed the notebook regardless of whether the snippet is selected. Please allow a vertical list view, similar to what the Windows version has when you hold down the shift key when selected the list view. Grey on grey has got to go. To difficult to read, especially the light gray on light gray such as in the tag view and notebook view, although it wouldn't hurt to also make the text in the sidebar have more contrast to the background. Thanks, this is a promising beta.
  13. The service sounds interesting. Like everyone else, I'm concerned about security, especially financial data. Everyone is focusing on the security of the filethisfetch service. However, have you also considered the security of Evernote? You are taking some very sensative data and depositing it into Evernote, which for me is a no go. Evernote does not encrypt your documents (except for manual encryption of selected text in a specific note). Until they offer the ability to automatically encrypt anything dropped into a specific notebook, I don't think anyone should be storing financial documents in Evernote. This becomes your weakest link. I would be willing to give up indexing/searching capability on a selected notebook in Evernote, if it meant that I could have that entire notebook encrypted. Unfortunately, I doubt Evernote will ever provide such capability. It has been asked before, but nothing ever comes from it.
  14. I presume this new vertical view is just for Windows, correct? I saw your screenshot and was getting really excited, but I cannot find any such equivalent view in the Mac client. Darn! Please bring this view to the Mac client (and since I'm wishing, I'll second the request to have greater parity between the Win and Mac clients, the Mac client always seems to get the short end of the stick). Thanks,
  15. In my opinion, basic security has been a big problem for Evernote for a while. I think I posted about this a year ago and got no reasonable solution. For any program designed to store such great amounts of data across multiple devices, you need some way to lock it down. I'm not talking about DoD level security/encryption. If you have notes that are that sensitive, then they probably shouldn't be placed in EN. I'm just talking about preventing wandering eyes from being able to access everything you have in EN simply because they can access your computer, smartphone and iPad. What I believe is essential: 1) a PIN to protect the EN client on each of the mobile platforms (much like the Mint application allows you to require a PIN before the app will launch). 2) the ability to require the input of a PIN/password to view any note in EN. Either configure it so you only have to enter the PIN/password once per session, or include a timeout function so after a defined period of inactivity, you are prompted to re-enter the PIN/password. What would be nice: 1) In addition to above, the ability to assign a PIN/password to a specific notebook. To view anything in that notebook, you need to enter the password/PIN (again either once per EN session or include a defined period of inactivity that resets the password status). Please, please, please implement this functionality.
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