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  1. Yes, thankfully. I had to contact the Evernote team on Twitter and it led to this answer. I was using the Teams app on a Macbook. My preferred browser is Firefox, but I wasn't using Evernote on Firefox. However, this is what they sent me: "Additionally, when you log into Evernote on the web (please test this on Safari, if on Mac, and Internet Explorer, if on Windows), do you have an all-white interface, or do you have a black left-hand panel? The black left-hand panel is the latest web version and it will be necessary to use MS Teams properly. Since Safari and IE are the browsers Eve
  2. Difficult to see how it is a Teams issue--as it's coming from the Evernote integration. Will ask though or otherwise just scrap the integration if it's not working like it should, which is disappointing.
  3. Hi, this might be a basic question but I can't find the answer online anywhere. I am an Evernote user and use it for keeping all my notes at work. I wanted to share a note with a colleague so I have integrated Evernote with Microsoft Teams and wanted to share a note in a chat with him. However, when I do it and when I am in a logged in state in Evernote/Teams, it does not show me any of the text in the note But....in a signed out state, it does show me the text and asks me to sign in to edit it. But when I sign in, I can't see anything. Have I a setting that is off?
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