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  1. Ditto, not working on Original Pixel XL on Pie. Evernote 8.9 beta Search works fine on Windows Client
  2. In this Evernote blog post they mention a Python script for converting ENEX data back to its native file (see "Quick and Dirty example" near the end of that page. The Github listing is here) I am getting a error in the line "cat base64File | python b64dec.py myfile.txt". base64File is where it is tripping up. A Google search for that word turns up no examples other than in this script. Any ideas what this line should be? And on the topic, what is the syntax for starting this script? Does the .enex file name go on the command line? That's what I'm assuming. I am just learning Python and wanted to fool around with data from my favorite tool, Evernote.
  3. For the first time since late July, I can use Evernote's Windows client again. Thanks Evernote.
  4. I even did a complete refresh of my laptop. Made it like new again, reinstalled all the apps. And still it did not work. They thought something might have creeped into my data somehow, so I deleted notes around where the log file showed a fail. Still didn't work. That's when they told me to wait for the next beta.
  5. Have a look at the post just above yours... I had. Didn't work.
  6. I tried to do a clean install in July, after using Evernote since a month after it came out in 2008. I haven't been able to do a sync in Windows since. Over 19,000 notes. I am using the web version, but prefer the Windows client. I have an open ticket since July. I've cooperated fully, sent lots of log files, deleted notes they thought might be interfering. Latest is they have told me to wait for a beta version supposedly coming soon. Very disappointed in Evernote these days. I have been a strong advocate and even wrote a book (now out of date) on Evernote.
  7. Picked up my Glass yesterday, and it is not working for me. Also got the "csrf token required" message.
  8. To encrypt on my Android tablet is my #1 wish. #2 is a way of selecting multiple notes and moving them to a different notebook. these are the two things i have to go to my pc to do.
  9. I've seen in various places in the documentation to 100 notesbooks 250 notebooks and unlimited local notebooks. How many Sync'd notebooks can you have? How many Local notebooks can you have? A stack equals one notebook toward the count, yes? Thanks mark
  10. Thank you everyone. Reinstalled onto the phone, and I have the widget back.
  11. Just received my first Android phone Friday and you can guess what app was first instaled. I was thrilled to discover the Widget. Today I swapped out the SD card for a bigger one. Afterwards, my Widget was gone, and is not in the list to add it again. I reinstalled Evernote, but alas, still no widget. Any suggestions?
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