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  1. Thanks for the reply. Once I'm up and running the 500 mb/month will probably be fine; but I'm probably not alone in needing more usage when getting the system loaded with my backlog of data. I will probably solve this by creating a local notebook and moving my materials into that, then as the end of each month approaches I will move a portion of that content into a synchronized notebook until my usage maxes out. But this is something of a cludge, and a more elegant solution would be nice. As Premium users get a special level of support perhaps you could set up something through Premium Support that would enable those users to pay an extra fee for extra usage to get us over the "start-up" hump on a case-by-case basis. Thanks again, and you've got a good product here. Scot Giles
  2. Hi Friends, I have a Premium account and like the Evernote product. However, it is possible I could exceed the 500 mb limit at least for the first few months as I transfer information into the system. If I run out of usage can I buy more from you on a month-by-month basis? Happy to pay for what I need. Thank, Scot Giles
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